Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Letter-Writing Campaign...Shame on you, Mr. Legislator

We need to tell the Arizona state legislators on the Republican side of the aisle of our deep concern about  the wellbeing of our state and our fellow citizens. The Data Port wants to suggest that a concerted letter- writing campaign may in the end be the most efficient way to tell them this and, possibly, effect policy changes

In this digital age it’s all too easy to post a quick comment (often snarky and anonymous) on Facebook or Twitter. This is easily done and easily ignored as nothing more than a rant from a crank with a computer.

If you believe that it is shameful to balance the state budget by denying support to the social and educational safety net; or that failing to close loopholes in our tax system imposes undue burden on local budgets; or if you believe they should be embarrassed to ground public policy on the failed Laffer Curve theory…then a letter, directed to a single individual, is more likely to be get some attention.

Will it work?Who knows until we try it. Hundreds of personal letters mailed to each of our legislators and fully identifying the sender might begin to nudge them in a less ideological, more practical direction.