Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Rest of The Story

Daniel Scarpinato’s “Political Notebook” in this morning’s Star reports that Congresswoman Giffords is co-sponsoring a resolution to support Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

He fails to note that in addition to the gaily-painted scooter/sidecar combination that graces a living room she is also a serious BMW rider. My wife and I have taken many a Sunday ride with her. She’s an excellent rider, although I don’t imagine she has much time for it now.

Here’s her wonderful old “toaster bike” a 750 cc BMW R75/5. (Called a toaster because of the chrome side panels on the

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x4mr said...

Greetings, Art.

I also responded to Daniel's story at my place. How does he know what is in her living room? The 1972 Toaster Tank is not the most common of models. If I'm not mistaken, it was only 1972 and maybe a little of 1973 and that's it.

I have never ridden with her, but I have heard stories. Racing against her, I would lose. Even though the engineer inside of me knows the wheels will hold their ground, when it's a real machine leaning deep at triple digit speeds and the pavement is screaming by, I swear those tires will slip.

Frankly, I think Daniel has a certain thing for her, as does David Hatfield of ITB.

Hope you are doing well. Very soon, like yourself, I will cease to be an anonymous blogger.