Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Prairie Dog Report

Every so often I pop out of my hidey-hole like an ever-vigilant prairie dog and look around at the presidential prairie.

Currently I’m seeing lots of old guys in suits, a couple of not-so-old guys and one woman. Republicans and Democrats are viewing with alarm, and pointing fingers of blame for the nation’s woes. So far, the “debates” on each side have been mind-crushingly boring.

I have already picked the candidate for whom I shall cast my vote in November 2008. That will be whatever Democrat is anointed by the centrist old guard (AKA DLC) to be my next President.

Back in the bad old days of the smoke-filled room this was accomplished in less than two years and without what I hold to be the immoral waste of literally hundreds of millions of dollars.

I am pretty sure that that candidate and party will have done nothing significant in the meantime to get us out of Iraq, close Guantanamo, provide universal single-payer healthcare, or dismantle the Bush system of attacks on civil liberties and privacy. Habeas Corpus is a good idea, too. I wish we had it back.

(Finally, I’d like to hear someone attack the tired old Republican mantra that if we don’t ‘fight them over there we’ll have to fight them over here.’ Fighting them here is the only place we can fight and defeat terrorists. It’s called police work, not war, and the counter terrorist units of Britain, Italy, and the US have been pretty successful.)

The following is purely anecdotal, but I’ve talked to more than one Democrat who is really annoyed that we didn’t hold Bush’s feet to the fire for at least two more vetoes of war funding, all the time pointing out that he was the one denying shoes to the troops.

My prediction: When the new Democratic president takes office in 2009 we will still be fully engaged in Iraq and that quagmire will then belong to the Democrats.

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x4mr said...


Well said. I have watched none of the debates and have no attention of doing so for the next several months.

At present, I cannot think of a single Republican in office that I would support, save perhaps Ray Carroll, perhaps Walkup, but that has probably changed.

If the democrats nominate a lobotomized chihuahua, I vote for the dog.