Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hillary’s Coming! Hillary’s Coming!

She’ll be in Tucson in September, or possibly in October. The commitment is definite in a contingent sort of way since it depends on local organizers raising the $250,000 guarantee. That probably won’t be much of a problem. The goal is to find 20 people who will guarantee to raise $12,500 and I understand that 15 have already stepped forward.

If Clinton is the Democrats’ candidate, she’ll have my vote. As a matter of fact a yellow dog would have my vote, but I confess I’m bemused by the number of progressive women who are falling in line behind the Clinton candidacy. Perhaps gender politics is a factor, but it surprises me that they have no problem supporting a DLC Democrat. After all, gang, Hillary is just another suit.

Can we really expect an aggressive approach to the nation’s problems? For example, is the great triangulator likely to support a true single-payer health care system that covers every man, woman, and child in the United States? I’m skeptical.

And for those interested a new post over at Data Port Two


x4mr said...


Do you have an opinion on Gore? Yes, I will vote for Hillary, but I sure wish Al would jump in.

Wouldn't an Al Gore/Hillary Clinton ticket be history at its finest?

Yea, I know, too remarkable to ever happen.

Anonymous said...

There'd have to be some serious fences mended for that ticket and I doubt Hillary would take the 2nd spot for anyone over the alternative of being a safe seat Senator. Interesting though.

What about Clinton/Obama, Obama/Clinton or whatever?

Art's post is very interesting though and the point is well taken. When I read progressive blogs that attack Pelosi, our Congresswoman in 8, and others, I always wonder if they also support Hillary? Look at her evolution on choice, on the war, etc. etc.

Sirocco said...

I don't know if a Gore/Clinton ticket would be history at its finest, but it would be irony at its finest.

I can't see Obama/Clinton for partly the same reasons you give for not seeing Gore/Clinton -- why would Hillary take the second post instead of the safe Senate seat? About the only reason I can think of is if her reasoning ran to the macabre and she basically decided "Hey, 2008 was my chance, If I couldn't win then, I am not going to when I am 4 or 8 years older either ... so maybe I'll take the VP job now, and who knows, maybe Obama has a stress-induced heart attack or something."

On the other hand, I could very easily see Clinton/Obama, particularly if a deal were struck to give Obama some high-profile foreign policy portfolio. Eight years as VP would set him up nicely as the "heir apparent" in 2016, when he would still only be 55.