Tuesday, March 04, 2008

That 3:00 a.m. Call

This big debate about who will be ready when the 3:00 a.m. call comes is just so much political campaign hooey. No one is effing ready when the phone rings at three in the morning, you’re lucky even to find the damned thing.

Huh? Hoozat? Schnozzz… uhhuh? Terrorists? Wrong number. Zzzzz.

You know who I want to answer that call?--- A light sleeper!


Liza said...

The ad was obviously ridiculous to anyone with half a brain.

However, I saw something really funny on YouTube via the LA Times. Some guy pointed out that when Hillary answered the phone, she was all dressed up in a suit and sitting wide awake at her desk. So, does she sleep in her business suits or what?

If she wins or wrangles the Democratic nomination, McCain should do one with Hillary stumbling to the phone in flannel pajamas, curlers, looking like hell and slurring her words.

Doing an ad like that is begging for it.

Alfred said...

Yeah, I'll bet Clinton has had a lot of experience answering those 3 A.M. booty calls from Monica Lewinsky.

Anonymous said...

If it was such an emergency, why was the phone permitted to ring so many times??? Slow reflexes?? Hard of hearing??? What??????

The hell with the phone - what Hillary has done that is unacceptable to any Democrat is not once, but twice to say that she and McCain are qualified and Obama is not. Democrats who support Republicans we don't need - we already have one. Unless, of course, she wants to angle out Lieberman as McCain's running mate and have that spot for herself.

Liza said...

Hillary McLeiberman.