Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Rodeo Clown

Progressive Blogospherians would be well served to remember the true function of Sarah Palin in this campaign. Only in part is she the Republicans’ attack dog…a pit bull in petticoats. Her major function is to be the Republicans’ Rodeo Clown. While we are busy chasing the clown we miss the opportunity to put a horn in our true enemies

Palin is not an important issue. She is what she is…so move on. (Correct her lies when and where necessary, but without mentioning her, her religious beliefs, or her mothering skills.) Neo-Conservative Republicanism is the issue and the continuing threat.

Warning: Mixed metaphor ahead!

The Progressive Blogosphere reminds me of a nest of scorpions surrounded by a ring of burning straw. They thrash around stinging themselves in a frustrated fury, but they are not attacking a real enemy and they are not breaking out.

We lefty bloggers have a tendency to preach to ourselves when we should be out in the streets. Or, if revolutionary action is not your cup of tea, at least have a coffee for some of your friends and neighbors and remind them of the ways in which neo-conservative Republicanism has been a catastrophe for America.

You’d be surprised how many of your neighbors do not realize the true dimensions of our nation’s disaster.


Right Wing Reader said...

Our side is quite happy with you guys personally attacking Governor Palin and her family. It reveals her strengths, Obama's weaknesses, and the backlash has been wonderful!

AZW88 said...

Palin has many issues, and McCain made a big mistake by not vetting her a little better. THis trooper-gate issue is serious, and now word is that McCain is helping her to stall the investigation. They both claim that there is nothing to the allegations, then why work to delay it? Note that the investigation was initiated by REPUBLICANS.

Palin's actions and statements as mayor and candidate for governor shows that she is not someone that is against earmarks and for integrity. As more comes out about her actions in both offices, the less attractive she will be to conservatives.

Mariana said...

You are right. She is a non issue for us left wing readers and the more we talk about her, the more of a "star" she becomes. Let's go after the neo (paleo?)cons and the disaster they brought in our lives. Let's go after McCain and his ideas. Let's stay on the issues.