Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tucson Precinct 56

Katherine and I got up at five this morning and hustled off to our Orange Grove School polling place. Arrived at 5:30 to find that we were not the first in line. There were two ahead of us.

When the polls opened there were 56 people in line. When we finished voting there was an even longer line than when we went in. Poll workers seemed to know their stuff although they were a tad slow.

Met District 26 legislative candidate Don Jorgensen out at the 75 foot limit- palm carding.

NY Times reports first election victory for Obama. He carries Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, 15 to 6.


Sabrina said...

Uncle Arthur-
Wishing we were both in New York where there was reportedly literal dancing in the streets until well past midnight.
Love, Sabrina

Harlan said...

It looks like it's possible that this time, for real, it might actually, truly, genuinely BE morning in America. Let's make that the
whole world. Harlan sez : Hurray!