Friday, March 20, 2009

What Fools These Mortals Be

Well, one mortal anyway. The Arizona Guardian reports that State Senator Thayer Verschoor has dipped into the Republic Party’s bag of tricks and come up with a nifty money saving strategy: No state employee should be paid more than the Governor; 95 thousand bucks a year.

Do that and the sucking sound you hear will be all the state’s highly paid professionals--docs, lawyers, scientists, university professors and administrators--- getting out of town.


Mariana said...

Misplaced populism

x4mr said...

Ludicrous. University employees work for the state.

Virtually all of the deans and top university administrators would be clipped, some severely. The top medical school physicians? Our Law school?

Oh, and the coaches of the top college teams?

Who is available to coach UA basketball for $95 grand?

Mesa Issues & Politics said...

While we're capping in-state government salaries let's also get rid of tenure! That ought to send the message not to take government service for granted.

SaguaroJoe said...

Even DPS has techs that earn more than 95K. I suspect the State might collapse in short order (or has it?)