Saturday, June 06, 2009

Moving to

The Data Port has been resident here on Blogspot for a good long time. Sometimes it's been very active and sometimes it's just passively occupied this site, too exhausted by the little disturbances of politics to offer much in the way of comment.

As some readers may already have discovered I've switched platforms to WordPress and accepted an invitation from to move over there to take part in building the Citizen's web-only presence. Will it work? Who knows? But I think, given the rapidly changing face of American journalism, it's worth taking a shot. 

You may visit the Data Port directly here: but I would urge you to explore the posts of my fellow bloggers...they'll surprise you.

The "beta" site is not, according to Editor Mark Evans, a beta in the true sense but only a kind of holding position while extensive redesigning goes on. A good thing, too, since the present site is uglier than a junkyard dog. But, hey, it's my dog now, so don't kick it around.


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