Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Red Star

Here at The Data Port we quite like The Arizona  Daily Star. We occasionally wonder if it employs a copy editor but apart from that we think it's the best way to keep up with the local news.

Incidentally, so does AZPM. Star stories are frequently reborn on KUAZ newscasts.

Once in a while some outraged letter writer will rail against "The Red Star"
and threaten to cancel his subscription...probably because he can't tell the difference between the opinion pages and the news pages.

Actually, the opinion pages seem pretty mild mannered. After being asked for more "balance" the Star started to run more conservative columnists. You never see Paul Krugman's column any more; Charles Krauthamer appears regularly.
Hardly makes the Star a radical left rag.

Over the morning paper one morning I asked Mrs. Data Port what she thought the political bias of the sports pages was. She looked at me as if she thought I was off my meds and went back to reading Greg Hansen.  

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