Sunday, April 29, 2007

Travel Report

I got home Friday from the round-trip ride to Leonard , Texas. My old BMW K75 was hacked by the good folks at Texas Sidecars and you can see a picture by clicking on the thumbnail or by visiting Data Port Two.

Cruising west on I-20 I was surprised to see that the speed limit had jumped from 70 to 80 miles per hour. Oddly enough…or maybe not oddly at all… this happened somewhere between Midland and Odessa in the heart of the oil patch.

Non-truck traffic immediately pushed to 80+ while I motored on at something between 60 and 65. The new outfit would go a lot faster than that but I wasn’t sure just what gas mileage I’d get with the new sidecar at higher speeds.

I was passed by every vehicle on the road, including lots of enormous SUVs. At one gas station I stopped at the previous driver had put in 55 bucks worth of gas!

It seems to me that a good first step toward conserving energy would be to reinstate the 55 mph limit. Well, make it 60 and exempt trucks.


On this trip I spent 5 nights in Motels and enjoyed five ‘augmented’ continental breakfasts while large screen TVs in each of the breakfast rooms reported the “news.” Frankly I never watch TV news. I listen to NPR, read newspapers on line and check what’s new in the blogosphere.

I can’t begin to imagine how uninformed people are whose only news source is TV. Pretty appalling.

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