Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Arizona Guardian Reporters Denied Access

My suspicions are confirmed: Republican politicians, particularly the ultra conservative sort, prefer to hunker down in dark corners where they can work undisturbed by nagging questions from reporters.

The Data Port has received e-mail from the Arizona Guardian reporting that

"Senate officials are denying access to lawmakers' offices and even the Capitol press room to some media organizations that don't have a lease with the Senate. And, despite a much-ballyhooed budget shortfall and extra space available in the press room, Senate officials refuse to issue any new leases, even short term through the end of the upcoming legislative session. The ban on some reporters primarily affects the Arizona Guardian staff, which started operations at the Capitol on Monday. Arizona Capitol Times reporters, who also do not lease space from the Senate, are still allowed to roam the halls outside of lawmakers' offices and but can't use the desks in the press room."

Read the Arizona Guardian story here.

Call the office of the State Senate President to comment.
(602)926-3559 or toll free 1-800-352-8404

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