Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking (Arizona Daily) Star

A story in Sunday’s Star announced a reshaping of the paper and the reduction of certain types of coverage. Stock listings will be gone, except the listings for local companies. Wire stories related to entertainment and lifestyle will disappear.

The Accent section will be gone Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Accent will be re-branded as Food, The Arts, and Out and About.

Monday through Saturday, Business and Tucson & Region will become part of the A section. The new A section will start as it does now with national and international news, followed by Business, Tucson & Region, obituaries and the Editorial pages.

The Sports Section (of course) and Caliente will remain the same as will the Sunday  paper.

Exactly how many column inches of news will  be lost is very hard to determine, since the changes are intended in part to do away with odd pages that had to be filled with self-promotions to make he page count come out.

But things don’t look good. Sigh.

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