Wednesday, March 29, 2006

CD 8 Endorsement Coup?

I was looking at campaign web sites yesterday and noted what looks like a tremendous coup for the Latas forces; they seem to have lured Patty Weiss’s campaign manager over to the Latas camp.

Tom Chandler is Weiss’s Chairman, according to her web site. Chandler is a well known attorney and long-time Democratic Party activist. He is also listed as one of Latas’s supporters. My hat is off to the Latas campaign if they have lured him away from Weiss.

Of course these may be two different Tom Chandlers, or the same guy trying to stand comfortably on both sides of the fence; or maybe Jeff and Patty just need to update their web sites.


vetdem said...

Latas also apparently has the endorsement of Sen John Kerry and Howard Dean. I personally think that he is full of it, has little endorsements and is just sticking names on his website. Patty Weiss' co-chair is certainly evidence of this. I challenge him to give some evidence of these endorsements.

Blue in AZ said...

Art, You seem to be confusing "campaign manager" with "campaign chair." Col. Latas's site doesn't list any other candidate's campaign manager as a supporter that I can tell.

Campaign chair is more of an honorary position (think Eddie Basha).

Also, the Jeff Latas for Congress Web site lists supporters:

It's not all that unusual for people to support more than one candidate, financially or otherwise. It's not even unheard of for endorsements. Last year, the Sierra Club endorsed both Nina Trasoff and Steve Farley in a contested primary. They use a questionnaire and interview, I believe, so if both candidates met their requirements, it makes sense for them to endorse both. As far as I know, there have been no such earned endorsements in the CD 8 race so far.

Also, vetdem, I don't see anywhere on the page where it lists Howard Dean as a supporter, but that would be great!

Thanks for keeping an eye on this and reporting that the list of supporters for Jeff Latas continues to grow!

vetdem said...

What makes someone a supporter? I think there must be some standard. A few words in a speech, a letter, donation, something? I'd bet that John Kerry has never heard of Jeff Latas.

Emersome Biggums said...

I think there's a picture on the web site of latas and Kerry.

My guess your wrong about Kerry not knowing Latas. Maybe not good ole buddies, but they have spoken from what it looks like.

Kralmajales said...
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Art Jacobson said...

Dear Blue...

Yes, you're right and I was wrong. Tom Chandler is the Chairman of Weiss's campaign. This is not an honorary position, however, this is an official, legal, position. That's why his name appears on official records and at the bottom of her website.

His name's appearing as a supporter for two different candidates still strikes me as odd, and not analogous to Sierra Club endorsement of more tha one candidate.

But what the hey...under the aspect of eternity it's only mildly amusing--not tragic.

vetdem said...

I met Jimmy Carter in 1999. I think I will list him as one of my supporters.

anonymous said...

Gee, Art. AZCongressWatch has an analogous bit of puffery, inspired by your research.

And here is Tom Chandler's rebuttal:

My support is 100% for Patty Weiss. Before I was committed to any candidate, I had a meeting with Jeff Latas. I found him to be very serious about the race and with some positions that I agreed with.

I made it clear to Jeff that I was going to support another candidate. Knowing how hard it is for a newcomer to raise funds, I told Jeff I would send him a campaign contribution. I advised Patty Weiss of that promise and she agreed with me that I should keep my word.

On February 2, 2006, I sent Jeff a contribution and wrote at that time that it would be hypocritical for me to wish him luck in this race, but did wish him and his family luck after the race was over.

If I am listed as a contributor, that is right. If I am listed as a supporter, that is not right. I am unconditionally committed to Patty Weiss’s campaign.

Tom Chandler

anonymous said...

Hey Art,

You complain about Patty/Jeff having the same endorsements like Gabby has her hands clean.

Can you explain why both Gabby and Jeff list Jorge Garcia, Arizona State Senator District 27 as a supporter?

Art Jacobson said...

Golly Gee, I don't know. Jeff doesn't know who supports him? April Fool?

anonymous said...

Jeff Latas lists almost anyone who sent him a check as a supporter.

Many of these same people have given checks to candidates in the other camps.

Jeff has put these people up as supporters, when the truth is that they are encouraging him, and looking for the candidate who best can win CD8.

Jeff is still learning campaign etiquette, so he is getting a pass.

Art knows this, but feigns incredulity.

Art, you are smarter than your posts suggest, you ol' yellow dog!

You are one of Gabby's best and your posts show it!

cc burro said...

VETDEM--Apparently you are not familiar with the Band of Brothers and the event held in Washington, D.C. on February 8, 2006 with Senator Max Cleland? I'm pretty sure that was where Jeff met Senator Kerry and General Wesley Clark.

ANONYMOUS--There is a check box on the donation envelope for anyone who doesn't want his or her name published in campaign materials, and I haven't heard of anyone asking for his or her name to be removed, but I'm sure if anyone did, it would be promptly removed.

KRALMAJALES--The Latas campaign has removed Tom Chandler's name from their “Supporters” list. However, other campaigns make mistakes too--Giffords' website lists Sheila Tobias as having endorsed her yet I know for a fact that Tobias is a very strong Latas supporter and is a member of his Steering Committee [and is listed as such on his website].

Kralmajales said...
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anonymous said...

To Summarize:

Art posted a red herring that clarified... not much.

Ol' Yeller turned Tom Chandler into a reluctant blogger, woke Jeff up to matters of protocol, and sent lots of hits to the Latas and Weiss websites.

Thanks again.

anonymous said...

Which labels do you refer to?

She calls herself a "pro-business democrat."

Must be another label that the opposition has put on her.

Some of the other so-called labels:


Whats not to like?

vetdem said...

She is:

A good listener
Well informed
A leader

A tireless worker who will do her best for the people of CD-8. And cute too....

anonymous said...

So where are the negatives?

I know she is a leader in property management and the DLC.

She understands capitalism and what it takes to preserve her class.

She has never been opposed to anything that threatens stockholders, stockbrokers, or bankers.

Its all good.

anonymous said...



Thats like saying Pamela Anderson is modest.

She understands due diligence and quiet periods, so she must be diligent.

She tried to make criminals out of seat belt scofflaws. That is considered reasonable and in touch with the rabid rabble of CD8.

If she was a good listener, her issues and positions would reflect it.

Her image of late echoes a tone deafness. The electorate has shifted and now has less income and freedom, yet her positions have the resonance of partying like its 1999.

vetdem said...

Yes! Humble but also honest and a hard worker. You can't find a better candidate, not only in CD-8, but in AZ and the nation.