Monday, March 13, 2006

Former Labor Secretary to Visit CD-8

Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich will be touring Southern Arizona to support Gabrielle Giffords for Congress.

Some of Reich’s appearances are clearly intended to be fund raisers but there will be two free events at which you’ll be able to hear Reich, who is always an interesting speaker, and ask questions of Reich and Giffords.

Two notes from the Giffords web site:

Saturday, March 18th
Sierra Vista, 9:30 AM
Meet Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Senator Gabrielle Giffords for Coffee at the Windermere Hotel
2047 S. Highway 92, FREE

Saturday, March 18th
Tucson, 1:30 PM
Labor Rally with Clinton Labor Secretary Reich for Gabrielle Giffords
IBEW Hall 750 S. Tucson Blvd., FREE.

Regardless of the candidate you support in the CD-8 race either of these events is worth a look-in.


Anonymous said...

Robert Reich is a firm supporter of the Dubai Ports Debacle. His words:

"Yes, there are some people in Dubai who hate America. A few of the terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center came from there. But face it: There are some people in lots countries who hate America, and a few of these people could become terrorists. Yet this frightening fact has almost nothing to do with the issue of ownership.

About 80 percent of American ports are already run by foreign companies. These companies usually hire Americans to do the day-to-day management. After all, global companies want the best talent they can get. Dubai Port World’s chief operating officer is Edward Bilkey, who’s an American. Its former American executive, David Sanborn, was just nominated to be U.S. Maritime Administrator."

Don't worry, you've already lost most of your ports and other assets.

Gabby and Robert Reich make a better couple than appearances. They support globalization and favor corporate deals over national security.

Did he also support NAFTA and WTO?

Gabby's been a booster for corporate globalism since she was a republican.

She is still heavily invested in a portfolio that supports the Business of America.

Anonymous said...

How do you know what her "portfolio" looks like?

cc burro said...

Robert Reich was interviewed on Marketplace [NPR] on the 10-year anniversary of NAFTA. Go to link below to hear--

"NAFTA and You, the Consumer
Robert Reich, the Secretary of Labor 10 years ago when Clinton signed the agreement into law, shows us, in a concrete way, how we have benefited from the trade agreement. He says the consumer is the big winner from NAFTA because reducing tariffs and sourcing parts abroad has lowered prices and created more consumer choice.
Commentary: Robert Reich"

Also, according to "The Selling of Free Trade--NAFTA, Washington, and the Subversion of American Democracy" by John R. MacArthur, Reich, Clinton's Secretary of Labor, was silent on the issue and almost irrelevant--which is surprising since he WAS Secretary of Labor.

FYI--Rahm Emmanuel [our DCCC head] was part of Clinton's NAFTA "war room", according to same source.

Anonymous said...

Maybe her portfolio does not support the Business of America.

I'm sure its green, pro-labor, pro universal healthcare, pro people, and against privatization schemes.

I'm sure Gabby loves only businesses that put people before profits.

I think 'pro-business democrat' is right on. This is her image, I'm okay with that if she is.

Anonymous said...

I saw Reich and Gabby at one of the events this weekend. They were both brilliant!

Anonymous said...

They seem to gush when talking about free trade!

I'm not free, I'm expensive!

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear them talk about free trade? I didn't.

Sam Reich said...

You may be interested in Robert Reich's new personal blog: