Monday, May 22, 2006

Backward Looks, Forward Looks

Well, we kept waiting for the other “Rove Indictment” shoe to fall but the time line kept stretching and still there was no shoe. The story shifted from Rove to the blogosphere and even the Wall Street Journal elbowed in to report the story of the story.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…err, here in CD 8, the rumor ghosts floated through the walls of various campaign headquarters but they seem to have vanished. Best not to frighten the troops by even bringing them up.

There was some “solid” news. Weiss turned in her nominating petitions, thus winning a race that’s hardly worth winning. Wouldn’t it be better to continue collecting signatures until the last moment? Of course maybe she is.

Randy Graff is claiming to be the first candidate to turn in petitions (2000 signatures) for the September CD 8 primary. Guess he means the first Republican. Weiss turned in 2051 signatures.

Oh, My…what can it all mean?

I took Sunday off and the Data Port Team took the sidehack to Wilcox for the car show and assorted Wilcox Days fun. By the time we got there it was hotter than billy-be-damned but there were a number of Democratic campaign teams working the crowd for signatures and passing out stickers. Giffords was the only congressional candidate I saw represented. Doesn’t mean there weren’t others.

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