Friday, May 05, 2006

RTA--More Debate Needed?

The last sentence in the previous post should have read: Maybe we in Tucson should vote for the Regional Transportation Authority Plan and sales tax increase.

On the other hand, maybe we shouldn’t…at least not without more public debate. The absence of debate, particularly in the local blogosphere, was commented on by Kralmajales in the comment thread to that last post.

A front page story in today’s Arizona Daily Star (link) reports that the proponents of the plan and the tax increase have raised almost a million dollars, outspending the opposition by 125 to 1.

For a look at some of the reasons for rejecting the RTA plan you can visit the “Tucson Needs a Real Transportation Plan” web site. (link)

Here is a partial list of contributors supporting the plan.

New Car Dealers Association $131,445
Jim Click Ford $50,000
Jack Furrier’s Western Tire & Auto Care $1,500

Real Estate
Realtors Issues Mobilization Committee $75,000
Tucson Association of Realtors, Inc. $75,000
Baker, Peterson, Baker & Associates $500
SDR Associates, LLP $500

Diamond Ventures, Inc. $50,000
Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association $50,000
Cottonwood Properties $10,000
PICOR Commercial Real Estate $3,000
Aberdeen Group, LLC $2,000
Forest City Southwest $1,000
Western Associates Dev. Co. LLC $900

Associated General Contractors of America $50,000
Granite Construction $25,000
The Sundt Companies, Inc. $25,000
The Ashton Company $10,000
Hunter Contracting Co. $10,000
KE&G Development, LLC $10,000
Pulice Construction, Inc. $10,000
Arizona Builders Alliance $5,000
O’Leary Construction, Inc. $2,000
Trinity Southwest Contractors, LLC $5,000

HDR Engineering, Inc. $17,000
Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc. $10,200
Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc. $10,000
Stantec Consulting $10,000
Tran Systems Corp. $10,000
URS Engineering $10,000
Castro Engineering $7,500
American Council of Engineering Companies $6,000
AMEC Infrastructure $5,000
Structural Grace, Inc. $4,000
RS Engineering $3,000
Rick Engineering Company $2,500
WLB Group, Inc. $2,500
Kimley-Horn & Assoc., Inc. $2,000
Terracon $2,000
CMG Drainage Engineering $1,000
Kittelson & Associates, Inc. $1,000
AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. $500
Morrison Maierle, Inc. $200

Empire Machinery $25,000
Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC $5,000
Tucson Tractor $3,000
Earhart Equipment Corporation $2,000
Arizona Equipment Rental $2,000
Tool Rent Shop $1,500
Red Mountain Machinery Company $1,000
Schwab Sales, Inc. $500

Financial, Insurance, and Legal
Wells Fargo Bank $20,000
Banc One Management Corp. $10,000
Snell & Wilmer LLP $7,500
Beach, Fleischman & Co., PC $5,000
Lewis & Roca, LLP $5,000
Lovitt & Touche $5,000
The Mahoney Group $4,000
Fennemore Craig, PC $2,500
RBC Dain Rauscher $2,500
Hecker & Muehlebach, PLLC $1,000
Nova Financial $1,000
The Clements Agency, Inc. $1,000

Arizona Rock Products $25,000
Arizona Portland Cement $10,000
California Portland Cement $10,000
Rinker Materials $10,000
Vulcan Materials $10,000
Hanson Pipe & Products $3,000
CTI, Inc. $2,500
Kalamazoo Materials, Inc. $2,500
Boral Material Technologies, Inc. $500
Southwest Gas $10,000
City Van Rental Service $5,000
Cooper Aerial Surveys Co. $4,000
AAA Landscape $2,000
Sage Landscape Architecture $1,000
Arizona Trucking Association $500
Kleinfelder $500


SonoranDesertRat said...

Notice that much of this fundraising is by people who have a major financial stake in this. Car dealers, because better tranisit leads to more homes which leads to more people who need cars. Home builders, because this will lead to more homes built and presumbably sold. Realtors, because someone's gota sell those homes. Construction, because someone's gotta do the work. Engineering, because someone has gotta design the thing. And on and on. That being said, it's amusing to me that even at 125 to 1 fundraising in favor of the plan, it's still a tossup. (Of course, if you want to go by previous posts on this blog, that kind of fundraising translates to massive community support.)

x4mr said...

No doubt the 43% donations that came from outside Pima County are from folks deeply concerned about our traffic woes.

Any surprise that a massive, publically funded construction project might receive support from, hmmm, developers and construction companies? Then again, would another transportation plan involving lots of construction be any different?

As for another's fundraising indicating public support, math tells me a lot more folks have to chip in if the average chip is $350.

Kralmajales said...
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SonoranDesertRat said...

Actually, a lot of us would like to live closer to the city's center. I did for a while, when we were renting. We loved it. We wanted to buy a house in-town... but we were priced out of the market. Now the problem's gotten even worse. However, we did pick an area that was not only affordable, but close-in, with access to transportation routes that could get us anywhere in town quickly. As far as moving out to Marana or Sahuarite - forget it. Too flippin' far. We picked the area that we did in part to avoid being part of the transportation problem. (SIde note - I only live a little over 4 miles from work; when I moved in I actually lived a block from work.) Things are going to get really bad soon, once I-10 goes under construction to widen to four lanes. That's going to affect a tremendous amount of commuters.

sirocco said...

I am waiting for the post which points out Jeff Latas has been out front on the RTA issue for the last umpteen years, and all the rest of us are johnny-come-latelys, just go see his web site.

Why hasn't this post been made yet? Why? WHY? I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight unless this is addressed.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Got my write-in today and gonna vote NO. This is one progressive environmentalist who is not fooled. this is NOT a green plan.

Art Jacobson said...

I guess you just did that post. Now it's time for all Latas supporters to step up to the plate and vote "No!"

There is an e-mail campaign against the plan working its way around Tucson. If you send me your e-mail I'll forward it and the Latas forces can then foward to their e-mail lists.

You're right, not a green plan.

Kralmajales said...
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cc burro said...

I have mixed feelings about the RTA. Concerns about the trolley, BIG concerns about what they plan to do with Grant Road, concerns that there is no road maintenance money in this. Also, if my memory is correct, I don't think that sales of new homes are included in the taxable items. And obviously it is growth that it making much of this necessary--just as growth is making it so the City of Tucson is evaluating/planning on treating/recharging into the aquifer/serving effluent...which will be INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE.

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