Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CD8 Three More Unions Endorse Giffords

The Data Port received the following press release yesterday:

TUCSON, Ariz. – Three additional labor unions have joined the large and growing coalition backing former state Sen. Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat running in Arizona's 8th Congressional District.

The following unions have announced their support for Sen. Giffords:

*The United Brotherhood of Carpenters of America (Southwest Regional Council) represents highly skilled men and women throughout the building-trades industries, including carpenters, cabinetmakers, millwrights, piledrivers, lathers, framers, floorlayers, roofers, drywallers, and workers in forest-products and related industries.

* The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (Local 99) represents workers in health care, meatpacking, poultry and food processing, manufacturing, distillery, winery, textile and chemical trades, and retail food industries.

* The United Brotherhood of Teamsters (Local 104) represents individuals who work in transportation and freight-related industries.

"We choose to endorse Sen. Giffords because she is the only candidate with a proven track record of supporting working families," said Tom Hynes, Special Representative for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Southwest Regional Council. "She has demonstrated that she understands the challenges that working people face. We believe she will serve the people of Arizona with strength and integrity."

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union echoed these beliefs. "Sen. Giffords is a champion for the issues that matter most to the working people of Southern Arizona," said Jim McLaughlin, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 99. "She has proven that she strongly believes in the right of workers to organize. She also supports raising the minimum wage and increased access to health care for all."

The United Brotherhood of Teamsters also lauded Sen. Giffords. "There was no question about who the Teamsters would endorse," said Joe Hernandez, Business Representative of the United Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 104. "Gabrielle has not shied away from being a fighter for the working men and women of Arizona, and we are confident that she will continue to do so in Washington, D.C."


union guy said...

In terms of membership, the carpenters, teamsters, and UFCW are three of the largest unions in the state, if not the largest. Gabby appears to be the labor movement's choice.

Kralmajales said...
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Geo said...

There are good qualities to Weiss and Latas. But when we look at Giffords, I think we're seeing the next US Representative from AZ-8.

We're going to be doing our part up here in AZ-5, too. Harry Mitchell is already within 5 points of incumbent Hayworth. I expect Hayworth is on the way out.

It'll be nice to have two Dem pickups from the Copper State!

anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is a right to work state, with a non-union workforce that has been hard hit by low priced immigrants and Wal-Mart employer style abuse.

By this I mean that no one who works in Southern Arizona for a non-union employer is better off than a union employee in another state with a comparable job.

These unions have failed the workforce by not working to repeal the right to work laws, and playing dead on the Federal Taft-Hartley laws.

They make a good match with the aristocracy that supports the Giffords campaign.

Almost every Arizona employer, (including El Campo,) treats their Arizona workers about as well as Wal-Mart.

El Campo did not pay healthcare for their employees (except management) and it hired a non-union workforce without benefits.

They depended on the largesse of their employer for healthcare... and they never got any.

Unions supporting CEOs that won't provide basic pensions and healthcare for their workers is an Old Arizona Tradition.

Shame. Shame. Shame on these Union Political Directors for splitting the baby down the middle and endorsing a pro-business democrat that never provided the basics for her workers.

Emersome Biggums said...

Endorsements from unions and money from Rip Wilson, Wal-Mart lobbyist, not bad.

I just want someone that speaks truth and I am getting conflicting messages with Giffords.

anonymous said...

Looking like its deja vu all over. Quick... call Elaine Richardson. She's got the experience necessary to turn this around.

There may still be a place for Gabby in Real Estate consultations and freeway easements.

Art Jacobson said...

Dear Anonymouse...

Awww, The grapes were probably sour, anyway.


Kralmajales said...
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anonymous said...

The Rs have an internal poll that does not give Gabby much in the way of votes or traction.

What can one make of the polls at this stage?

Probably that Gabby's anodyne image is not shining well in the outlands.

vetdem said...

I find the criticism of Giffords amusing from the few desperate supporters of some of the other candidates.

It's true that Giffords is kicking some serious butt and the only hope they have is to make up crap about Wal-Mart lobbyists. Tell me something good about your candidate. Don't make up stuff about Giffords. You look ridiculous.

Giffords has more endorsements, more volunteers, more ideas, more experience and more contributions than any other candidate. She also has more class than the few desperate anons here.

Protect Democracy said...

Congratulations to Giffords.

I hope the El Campo thing is not true.

On the RTA, I voted a big fat NO!!! And Mr. Farley has really made me mad.

I am beginning to think liberals are really stupid that they can't see through this sham of of plan. The fact that my tax dollars have to pay for this crappy plan makes me even angrier.

I drive both Speedway and Grant about 5 days a week from Harrison to Campbell. This Grant congestion is another big lie. Speedway is far more congested. Grant is where I spend a lot more time at businesses because they are nice, the stretch is much prettier, and easier to get around.

Mr. Farley sent me an email that had 3 lies in one paragraph. Very, very disappointing considering I already donated to his campaign. Well, I just found out a Democratic doctor is running against him in LD28. If he is against the RTA, he gets me vote.

Protect Democracy said...

I would agree the unions in Arizona are pretty worthless. Except SEIU which at least tries to do something in recent years anyway. I like all the things about Giffords mentioned except I don't think she has any fresh ideas and that concerns me. I would have liked to see her be bolder about the kind of legislation she sponsored. Playing it safe is what Democrats have done for too long and is why the extreme right wingers have trampled all over citizen rights in this state.

I will reserve judgment until I see more of her to know what new I ideas she will present. Her website sure does not reflect it. Even her policy person cannot come up with anything more original that ideas discussed 2 years ago. I really believe we need someone strong and bold. 30% of us are independents for a reason. Both parties really suck in this state. I am tired of voting the lesser of evils.

anonymous said...

Gabby is alright, except for following the Hillary Clinton/DLC playbook.

Her healthcare stance can be gleaned from the DLC website, and her rhetoric has the sound of Establishment media consultants, not her own voice.

This is the problem. People who know her have an image of a real person. The rest of us are left with a hollowgram.

Kralmajales said...
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George Tuttle said...

Wal-mart, no healthcare offered to workers...

Like two peas in a pod, this Giffords campaign and anti workers companies....

TooBlue4U said...

Funny how her supporters keep saying people are "making up" stuff about her campaign. But she can freely "say" she's a defender of workers, because in a right-to-work state the unions don't mean diddly anyway. I don't think rank and file members can be real happy with the representation they're getting. I also don't think they're going to just do as their told by their union when they go to the polls.
Look at the Weiss and Latas web sites. They don't give mixed signals on labor.
And the "internal" GOP polls are fairly "out in the open" now. Too much smoke for their not to be a fire. Seems like R's want Gabby to win, and no wonder, she used to be one of them.
I've said before and I'll say again: the importance of this race is taking the House back from the R's. Why take a chance on sending a DINO up against a well-funded Repub in the general when there are other candidates who poll better and who stand a better chance of actually winning?
I could live with a DLC conservative sudden convert to the Democratic Party if I thought he or she would actually win the race. But that is not at all clear. And it's too big a chance to take when other candidates poll better against the GOP.

Kralmajales said...
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anonymous said...

There is zero evidence that Gabby is the frontrunner, and lots to show otherwise.

Kralmajales said...

The only thing you have to say that she is not the front-runner is a possible republican insider poll that was done maybe months ago and that may not have even asked likely primary voters. You have a name rec. poll then anyway which is meaningless. The frontrunner status is being granted by her supporters, endorsements, and mobilization of resources needed to fight it out with the Republicans in the fall. There is no evidence that anyone else COULD BE the front-runner.

anonymous said...

Except for Gabby's own internal polls. If they were any good, we would be bragging them up to scare off the other candidates.

As it stands, Gabby is virtually unknown outside of her district. And time is short.

Kralmajales said...

Her district is the largest population of the district...AND...she is working the rest of the district hard...and the fun hasn't even begun yet.

George Tuttle said...

The reason the Rethugs want Gabby to win in September=EASY TARGET!

Two friends who are working with other campaigns are salivating at the thought of Giffords going up against them.

Kralmajales said...
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vetdem said...

George Tuttle - You're also WRONG on Giffords not offering healthcare to her employeers. I checked. They were all offered healthcare on day one of their employment. It was the same healthcare plan that Giffords received herself and it was a plan that the company paid lots of money for.

So, George, stop making stuff up. You've just lost any credibility you had with me.

Kralmajales said...
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vetdem said...

I heard a rumor from the Weiss campaign that she may have fired her campaign manager. One of her volunteers told me that they haven't seen the guy in weeks. Maybe this explains why they can't raise money, get endorsements... This can't be good for her campaign. Has anyone else heard this?

Raoullynotnice said...

The attempts to marginalize anyone who does not fall into lockstep with the Gabriellites are pathetic. Has it occurred to these folks that we may just not want her to represent us in Congress?

Anyone who feels that we need to keep our troops in Iraq " long as they are needed..." is not going to get my support. I did not need to take a poll to figure out that our troops were never needed there in the first place, and are extremely counterproductive at this late date. We have now been in Iraq longer than we were in WWII. Let me repeat that for some of the slower people: We have now been in Iraq longer than we were in WWII. If Gabby ever pulls her head out of her ass and realizes that the war is criminal, then I will think about voting for her.