Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pederson Signs

I've just noticed the first political signs of the season. Jim Pederson has signs at major intersections in the foothills. (Non-Tucsonans: That means they're in Pima county but not inside Tucson city limits.) Looks like he made the first strike in the pre-emptive sign wars.


Jane Arizona said...

He's had them in the Tempe area for at least a month now... good to get your sign up before all the clutter starts, I guess.

Dogma said...

What is the general consensus on how competitive the Kyl/Pederson race is really going to be?

Last claim I recall by the Pederson camp was a poll showing him trailing by only 7%, though polls can be problematic ;-)

Regardless, I'm enjoying watching Kyl sweat at least a little, as I belief he is way to the right of most Arizona voters of any party affiliation. Kyl's got a huge warchest of cash that won't be easy to overcome, but do I have any reason to be hopeful?

phx kid said...