Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day! 3

1:30 PM

Just got off the phone with Steve Farley, who was poll-watching at the Lighthouse Y on in central Tucson. He reports that voters were coming in non-stop for the three hours he was on duty. A very large turnout.

Farley also reports that he was approached by four Republican voters who said they were so angry with the current crop of Republicans that they voted Democratic. “I’m bitter” one told Farley.

Rumor: I’m hearing a story that voters on the south and west sides were being intimidated by people (wearing black shirts ? Hard to believe) taking pictures with video cameras. Anyone heard anything?


Art Jacobson said...

I see, from the Lefty Blogs site that several others have reported this intimidation. Time for some arrests, it seems to me.

azwildcat88 said...

can someone find out EXACTLY which precints this assholes are at? I want to go out there with MY camera and give them a taste of their own medicine!

email me@ azcat_walrus@yahoo.com