Monday, November 27, 2006

“Stand Up” Stands Down

“Stand up and be Counted” is no longer standing up and no longer being counted. Its owner has deleted the entire blog. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it was George’s blog and he can damn well do with it as he pleases.

On the other hand the blog and all its comments were part of the history of one of the most interesting political campaigns in recent Arizona politics. In deleting it he deleted not only his own commentary but also all the comments from both left and right. Looked back on in a cool moment the whole collection might have helped us understand what was important to the electorate, and why.

Tuttle seems to have come to the conclusion that political blogging is somehow a waste of time—time that would be better spent in practical action out in the community.

I certainly approve of action in the streets, but I would remind George that the blogosphere is also becoming the great alternative press. At the moment there is a good deal more rant and a good deal less responsible reportage than we might want, but that will change.

Currently, the major non-opinion function of the blogosphere is editorial, pointing out stories that might otherwise have gone un-read and un-remarked on if some blogger had not said, “Hey, here’s an interesting story,” and added a link.

I believe that dedicated amateur journalists, like amateur astronomers, can make a significant contribution to their particular areas of interest.


Anonymous said...


Couldn't agree more strongly with your remarks.

What I would add is that George, and this is not uncommon, is coming from "either/or" as opposed to the "and." Who says that bloggers cannot be active in the community, and that those active in the community can't blog or post a comment now and then?

It is all valuable, and participation in one does not exclude or even detract from participation in the other.

And not to blow smoke or flatter, but if you deleted TDP, I would literally consider you guilty of a crime, perhaps not according to any statutes, but according to humanity and the laws of something higher. Yes, it is your blog, but for those bloggers who are lucky, what they create becomes something bigger than themselves.

Not clear how much this happened for George, but this has definitely happened at TDP. You have 50, 60, 70 + deep comment exchanges of rich and interesting material.

If you need a vacation, take one. But don't you dare delete the fabulous material many wonderful people have contributed here.

Art Jacobson said...

Thanks for the kind words.Yes,the comment threads were amazing weren't they?

And back atcha..."Sustainability et al" is part of my regular morning reading routine


George Tuttle said...

Okay guys-I'll bite on this one.

I didn't take eliminating "Stand-up" lightly by any means.
I thought about it and when I wrote to a person with whom I worked with on the campaign (I refuse to name him), his comments made a lot of sense to me.

Add to that watching my brother in action here, cemented my decision. Daniel doesn't need a blog to be effective by any means. He just goes out and does his thing and is very successful at it. That is something us Tuttles are good at-going out, identifying the problem, coming up with a solution and acting on it.

Frankly, I don't have the time in my life to maintain everything I am involved in-family, job, community involvement and recreation. If I was to keep up everything and do it well, I would have to give up something and the blogosphere is dead last on my list.

So you see x4mr-it isn't an "either/or" situation-it's a matter of priorities with me and the people in my life. I want to be a role model for my children and I feel sitting on the computer and espousing my thoughts is not exactly what I would like my kids to be doing. It kind of puts your supposition that this was an "either/or" issue to rest.

When I go out and do something, I want to give it 100 percent and make it the best I can. I can say that I would want to give the blog 100 percent. I honestly do not want to put that amount of effort and time to putting my thoughts on the internet. I want to be more effective within my neighborhood and community.

I had a little bit of fun fighting the powers that be out there, but it wasn't as fulfilling as I thought it could be. I will continue checking the blogosphere when I can, but I'm not going to looking at it day-in and day-out like I have been.

Art I do sincerely appreciate the idea that you have devoted a posting toward my decision. But in the long run, "Stand-up" was just another voice in the massive internet sea. No delusions of grandieur about what I contributed towards the overall conversation. I needled a lot which goes with the Tuttle M.O.-we're all smart alecks at heart.

Don't dispair-I'll be around to add to the conversation every once in a while. ;-)

kralmajales said...

Adios George...I am sure we will bump into each other some day again.

I did look in for your blog and "ack" it was gone.

We rarely agreed (although I still think we would agree on much), but since I devoted a lot of energy to your blog and you to so of my posts, I have to thank you for being around and for your influence. You don't get comments if you don't make people think.