Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day !

6:42 AM

Back from my polling place. I arrived a few minutes early and by the time it actually opened there were 10 people in line. Poll workers seemed just a little disorganized to begin with, slightly unsure of the most efficient way to handle the paperwork. After processing four or five voters things seemed to smooth out.

While we were waiting for the first hitches to un-hitch someone in line pointed to the vote counting machine and asked what that was. A voice from the back of the line said, “That’s the vote shredder!”

Note to both parties: When people make jokes like that about the honesty and security of the voting system we should be seriously concerned.

It takes a while to mark the ballot, what with all the ballot propositions, and by the time I left there were 25 people in line. A volunteer at the 75 ft limit was holding up a sign urging a NO vote on 107


sirocco said...

I get to work before the polls open, so will have to stop by afterwards.

I hope the turnout is _great_ ... except maybe for the time period where I will be voting. :)

Liza said...

That joke about the "vote shredder" says it all. I don't think its a question of "if", its more like "where." I just hope the discontent is so widespread that we get the outcome we expect.

azwildcat88 said...

I love the joke! it sounds like something I would say.

I am glad that AZ has not gone with those electronic voting machines, and I hope we never do! Reports from the East say there have been many problems with the, forcing at LEAST one precinct to go to paper ballots.