Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bush on Bush...Mail This Link

X4mr, the keeper of the blog “Sustainability, Equity, Development,” has posted one of the best criticisms of Bush and his administration I’ve read. I imagine that Lefty Blog readers have already read it; we are, after all, the choir we all preach to.

This neat reminder of what Bush and his administration have brought down on us- nearly all of it in his own words- needs a wider audience. I’m mailing the following link to everyone in my e-mail address book.

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x4mr said...


Thanks. The time has come for the pendulum to swing back, and it is starting. Dean's book "Broken Government" is now out, and Greenspan's book, launched tomorrow on 60 Minutes, comes out Monday.

The world needs to wake up. I honestly feel that humanity's future is indeed at stake. We approach a tipping point we either descend into Orwellian hell or blossom into effective democracy.

The Internet, the blogosphere, and the omnivores must come to the rescue. The widely watched TV content is mind sewage that presents filtered content.

The jury is out.