Thursday, September 06, 2007

Proud To Be a Rogue

The Data Port’s political commentary has been pushed into the distant background by rehearsals for The Rogue Theatre’s production of The Cherry Orchard. We launch with a preview performance this evening and an official opening night tomorrow. You can visit the Rogue site here.

Performance times:

Thursday–Saturday 7:30 PM, Sunday 2:00 PM
Preshow music begins 15 minutes before curtain

Preview Night Thursday September 6 7:30 PM
Pay-What-You-Will Nights Thursdays September 13 & 20 7:30 PM

The Rogue’s performance space is Zuzi’s Dance Theatre, Historic YWCA, 738 North Fifth Avenue at University Boulevard.

Director Cynthia Meier notes:

"Anton Chekhov completed The Cherry Orchard in 1903, just seven months before his death. He wrote it for the Moscow Art Theatre led by Konstantin Stanislavsky. Chekhov was convinced he had written a comedy; Stanislavsky was equally convinced it was a tragedy. Set at the threshold between two worlds, the play is about a specific family, a specific time, and a specific estate, yet The Cherry Orchard speaks to the universal human experience. What is it we love? What does home mean to us? Does our ancestry shape our future? Is it possible to transcend class distinctions? Each of the fourteen characters in the play is caught in the interplay of social and economic forces which defined turn-of-the-century Russia, but each is also caught in questions of his or her own. We hope The Cherry Orchard will offer similar reflections for you. At The Rogue we feel very fortunate to have spent the last several months looking at and living this masterpiece."

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