Monday, September 10, 2007

Surge is Working!

It’s hard for me to find new ways to express my despair and disgust with Democratic collapse in the face of our continuous, yet failing, involvement in Iraq. We are mired up to our ear lobes in the quag and Dems dither their way into inheriting the war and being forced to make it their own. I’m speechless.

Fortunately, other bloggers have been saying what needs to be said in new way, so I will pass the wisdom of others along.

Consider, please, these clips from Frank Dwyer’s “Working” Stiffs blog at the Huffington Post:

“The surge is working, of course. More than that, it has been a tremendous success. Who can deny it? Who?

“It has not achieved all of George W. Bush's goals in Iraq, whatever they are. It will not create a strong new city-on-a-hill democracy in the Middle East, which the US can benevolently oversee and protect (in a spectacularly lucrative arrangement) from large permanent bases to the end of time. It will not restore any real, lasting order in the chaos of Iraq (though it can provide some ideal photo-op pockets of peace and quiet-inside big Camp Cupcake, for example, where our stealth warrior-hero wannabe just had his picture taken). It will not stop the tribal bloodbath we have so innocently, ignorantly, criminally provoked (though it can turn it into a trickle, here and there, for a little while). It will not even help us identify which Iraqis we ought to be trying to kill and which are on our side. (In fact, with our selective and isolated applications of American power-not to mention our timely bribes-it makes that basic questions much harder to answer.)

“The successful surge has achieved none of the shifting list of goals that have been advanced to justify this war. It has only "worked" to accelerate the astonishing neocon assault on our fundamental security, our reputation, our national honor, our economy, and our soldiers. But it is working, nevertheless. How?

“The surge has sewn debilitating doubt, confusion, despair, and division in the enemy.” ---The Democrats. Read the whole post here.

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