Friday, November 02, 2007

A Pillory for Hillary?

I am not a Hillary fan—she’s not really my kind of Democrat. That said, I find the piling on of the last debate distasteful and counter-productive.

Frankly, I think her response to the driver licensing of illegals was perfectly sensible. The state of New York does have an interest in knowing where the undocumented are, and absent any sensible immigration legislation by the federal government this may be a step in that direction.

On the issue of personal correspondence in the Clinton Archive the suits’ claim to be ‘shocked…shocked by this lack of openness’ is disingenuous. Unless of course they are willing to release their correspondence to be picked through.

C’mon, guys, tell us in detail how you plan to set things to rights and solve some of the nation’s problems. Let’s have those details and a debate about their merits.

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A DemLament said...

I don't think it was the answer as much as the way she answered. There were plenty of perfectly sensible answers to both questions. I think many people have a problem with her answers being clear as mud and trying to say nothing while seemingly answering the question.

BTW -- Nice motorcycle is that a Ural or some sort of custom thing?