Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who Cares?

I mean who really cares about any of the Democratic presidential hopefuls? Do you? I’m not sure I do. Out here in the progressive blogosphere everyone wants a Democratic president but we don’t seem to care very much just who the candidate might be. Any Democratic president will do just fine, and any candidate can do it. Oh yeah?

The only candidate who stands solidly for Progressive values is Kucinich yet we read no passionate defense of him from the left, nor do we read any debates between supporters of the other candidates. Ho Hum.

In August 15,000 trade union men and women gathered in Soldier Field (Chicago) to hear our collection of “Luke Warmwaters” make their pitch. As John Nichols writes, in an excellent article in The Progressive,

“Dennis Kucinich delivered applause line after applause line—connecting with the crowd on ideological, political, and emotional levels that the other candidates could not begin to reach.”

Not a single union subsequently endorsed him.


Daniel R. Patterson said...

I care, and have been backing NM Gov. Bill Richardson all year.

Art Jacobson said...

That's good, Daniel, but why do you prefer Richardson to the other candidates? As a Richardson supporter what are your criticisms of the programs and policies of the 'big three?'

Daniel R. Patterson said...

Thanks. It's all on my blog at dpatterson.blogspot.com