Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another Precinct Heard From...Patty Weiss enters Arizona CD 8 race

So far, here’s what we know of this ex-anchor’s political views: "I have always thought that I would like to serve in Congress," Weiss said. "I am a fan of democracy."

Well, so say we all Patty.

There seems to be a certain fascination with Weiss’ name recognition and what that promises, but in a primary race I don’t think it promises very much. The active Democrats who have worked campaigns, walked neighborhoods, and performed all the political scut work know her as a TV personality, but not as a fellow worker.

Of course that was inevitable. She couldn’t even pretend to be an even-handed journalist and a political activist. It’s sure to affect her fundraising and she is already behind hand in this. It may be a sad reflection on the state of American electoral politics but two million bucks trumps being known as an anchor.

Some folks at the national level are reported to be saying that for Democrats this is a two-million-buck campaign. Does anyone think the Republicans will pony up any less? Ho Ho Ho…it makes to laugh.


Anonymous said...

Unless El Campo has been cheating us a lot more on our tires than I expect, Weiss is the only one who could raise that kind of money on our side.

Anonymous said...

Giffords will easily raise more than 2 mil, based the diversity, depth and quality of her public service in the state legislative sector, in the local extra-legislative public and business sectors , and in national and international public and business sectors. Once CD8 gets to know her, it will be a slam dunk.