Saturday, December 17, 2005

Season’s Greetings and Jack Jackson, Jr.

Apparently it gets harder and harder, as the Season develops, to maintain a spirit of high moral dudgeon and political outrage. I notice, over in the StarNet forums, that a kind of cheerful drifting off topic is taking place.

I’m drifting off myself, tomorrow, to the Eastern gloom. First to Boston, and I can hardly wait for freezing cold and melting slush that slops over shoe tops. From Boston to New York for a short round of museum hopping, then back to Boston for Christmas with family and home to Tucson.

And during all that time I plan to avoid thinking about politics. Well, no, that’s not quite true. I’m going to try to avoid thinking about politics. I may drop a note or two into the blog from New York because I’m lugging my laptop with me, something I’ve never done before. It’s an old laptop, bulky and heavy, and will surely be a nuisance. But what the hell, it’s a new trick for an old dog.

As long as I’m still here, however, let me suggest y’all might like to take a look at Jack Jackson, Jr.’s web site. Jackson is running against Rick Renzi in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. The site has lots of information, well organized and easily navigated. Other candidates should take note.

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