Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New York Report

We have arrived in New York after two excruciating four hour rides. Four hours yesterday packed in a Steerage Class seat on US Airways, and then four hours wedged into a Greyhound bus seat while we traveled from Boston to New York. On balance the bus trip might have been a tad more comfortable.

The next time I fly I’d just as soon not. And I’d like to travel to a city where the people servicing the tourist business speak English. Like Lisbon.

You can’t escape politics, even on vacation. The cab driver who drove us to the bus station this morning had an accent, but it was a Massachusetts accent and you could understand every word he said…which happened to be a very well-informed diatribe on the financial performance of the 60 worst performing companies in America. He showered us with statistics about the outrageous pay received by the companies’ CEOs. I tipped him handsomely.

The last time we had a hotel room this small was in New England, where Katherine and I had to put the room’s one chair on the bed in order to close the door.

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