Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Possible Senatorski?

The Data Port noticed with pleasure this morning a political note in the Arizona Daily Star to the effect that influential Arizona political blogger Ted Prezelski has thrown his hat in the ring to replace Gabrielle Giffords as District 28’s State Senator.

Some of us are speculating about what this might mean for our favorite political blog, Rum, Romanism and Rebellion.

The picture is that of brother Tom Prezelski, presently serving in the Arizona House. Some of us have never been able to tell these lads apart. This should prove useful as one Prezelski could serve double duty as necessary, dodging from House to Senate.

Good luck, Ted.


Art Jacobson said...

Or, no luck Ted. Blog For Arizona has just posted the news that Bradley, Downing and Aboud were the three to be presented to the Supes.

There's a good analysis here: http://dean4az.blogspot.com/

Joey Bee said...

I recieved a very rude email from Tom Prezelski and have posted it on my blog.

Take a look if you are interested.