Saturday, June 17, 2006

CD8 A Quirky Open Thread

Here’s a kind of Open Thread for Data Port commenters. Your challenge: Find the humor in politics. For instance---

Patty is fond of saying that she’s a citizen candidate, not another politician. The sly implication is that her opponent is “just another politician” with all the baggage that phrase entails. Hello? Reality check, please. Patty, you’re applying for the job of politician. You’re telling us that you can do a better job of politics, take better care of the nation and the District, than Kolbe did or Giffords would.

If politician is a dirty word, and a bad thing to be, then apply for the job of somebody’s press secretary. That at least is a job for which you have the experience.

And have you all noticed that many Progressives are either scornful of, or dislike and resent, something called “the establishment,” by which they mean the men and women in the Democratic Party and in National organizations who wield power and influence both in and behind the scene in Washington?

These are exactly the people who can help a novice congressperson’s legislative career by telling them where the political bodies are buried, or help with a bill by nudging an important sub-committee member in their direction. It’s good for a congressional freshman to have a connection to the establishment.

Jeff will have great establishment connections if he is elected…the military-industrial complex, with which he has been connected most of his working life. I’m sure his former colleagues will be quick to advise him on issues of military funding and defense, in case the congressional enthusiasm for the War On Terror flags.

All that being said, have at it guys and gals.


sirocco said...

I find it funny Lieberman can say one reason he's in trouble with many Democrats in his district is because of his willingness to work closely with Republicans, something he takes pride in - and then run an add in which he accuses his primary opponent or working to closely with Republicans.

Not CD8 related, I know, but still funny.

FEDUP said...

I think there is a difference between politician (as in a career politician) and public servant. Some run for the power or prestige, some do because they genuinely want to contribute.

Wellstone vs Lieberman

Some are just too lazy to get a real job. ;)Hell, I would almost consider running just for the health benefits and retirement package.

The "establishment" is used loosely, basically the negative connotation is to mean bureaucracy that accomplishes very little filled with self-serving people, and in the Democrats case, who constantly loose elections; the Senate, the House, the presidency.

The grassroots is trying to move the 'establishment' to be what is originally intended to be, to serve the people. Not the other way around.

Smart move on Patty's part (and Jeff's) to run as citizen candidates when Congress is polling less than 33% approval ratings. I don't think the general public has much confidence in experience, only results. With Patty or Jeff it is a gamble, they don't know for sure what they are going to get. With Giffords, less so. The ones who don't like her record won't vote for her based on it, the ones who do, will.

Rex Scott said...

GOP-inspired humor/irony:

1. A party that used to tout itself as a bastion of fiscal prudence...and that is now responsible for pissing away a surplus and running up a huge debt.

2. A party that is suspicious of government intrusion...except in terms of telling people who they can marry or dictating control over women and their uteruses.

3. A party that was founded to counter the greatest social injustice in our nation's history...and that now callously and cravenly uses racial, social and economic divisions for political advantage.

4. A party whose country-club leaders for years encouraged right-wing attack dogs to go after Democrats...and then express shock when the hatchet men decided they wanted to run the show!

5. A party that used to be the home of the first president to make conservation a priority and another president who signed the legislation creating the EPA...and that is now run by the most anti-environmental president in history.

6. A party where many hid behind America First isolationism in the years leading up to World War Two in order to AVOID confronting Hitler...and is now the seat of America ONLY internationalism in the Middle East.

7. A party that used to be led in Congress by people like Dole, Michel, Dirksen and Baker; people who understood that you had to work with those on the other side of the aisle to really effect change...and that is now lead by shrill, nasty partisans such as DeLay, Hastert, Frist and Boehner.

wearetribal said...

Well, I think that CD 8 is the epicenter of the shredding "Big Tent" of the Republican party. Their racist base will never support continued policies that leave our borders with Mexico porous. Their corrupt big business owners, on the other hand, need workers who can be completely exploited so they can eek out that extra five million in bonus for the CEO.

These two sides are mutually exclusive of each other. You are on one side or the other. We can expect Graf supporters to abandon the Republican Party and stay home from the poles. I assume here that Graf will not be the nominee. If he is...he will not raise much money and he will top out around 30% no matter what happens or who he runs against.

Republicans face a choice between their racism and their love of unrestrained greed and lawlessness. I think it will be hilarious to watch the results.

Emersome Biggums said...

One thing about Latas, he is experienced in the work you think others will advise him on. He really doesn't need that type of advise and therefore is more thrust worth then others in the race when it comes to military P and G.

cc burro said...

To me, the criticism against "establishment" is against those who (1) do not want real change, e.g., real ethics/campaign finance reform; (2) do not really want to challenge corporate control of the government; (3) those who have become so concerned with winning re-election that they are afraid to be honest with the electorate as to the true state of the country is regarding the federal deficit/debt, the massive trade imbalance, the national security/environmental implications of our economy's dependence on oil/natural gas; the reality of globalization and what it may/will mean for the standard of living in the U.S.


cc burro said...

Something truly quirky/ironic--

Giffords originally having Basha as one of Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs and still having him listed as an endorser, yet, according to TEDSKI's website,

--Basha's had union representatives arrested at one of his stores, A.J.s, for meeting with employees.

--Basha's makes their employees pay more for healthcare coverage than unionized shops

--"Basha's representative Mike Proulx has sent a letter to Basha's employees that stated the following:

'the unions are just after your dues, and darnit, we just couldn't do all of these wonderful things for you if the union was standing in the way...
The union knows they've got nothing to offer us, so they'd rather take potshots and hurt us as much as they can. In taking such a position, the UFCW shows their true colors. You see, the UFCW does not hold your welfare uppermost in mind; its highest priority is DUES DUES DUES even if they put us out of business and cost you your job.

Together, we will successfully met this challenge. We are proud of how hard we have worked and the market share we serve in Arizona. We are proud to have in our ranks the best grocery experts in the industry, you. You have my complete assurance that we will never force a union on you, and we will exercise all of our legal rights and vigorously prosecute the UFCW to the full extent of the law and all illegal activity.'"

Each candidate has decide for himself/herself where they are going to draw the line as to whom the feel comfortable accepting campaign contributions from. [This is not in the same vein as a coporation having a minor environmental compliance violation or a paperwork OSHA violation.]

How can someone conclude otherwise except that Basha is RABIDLY ANTI-UNION?

George Tuttle said...

I think you really have missed the boat when you tag Latas with the "military-industrial complex" label.

We have soooo many congressmen and women in D.C. who have not clue one when it comes to military matters. (Why do you think so many of them voted to give Bush the authority to go after Iraq?)

Jeff would be the complete opposite of the "military-industrial complex" but be a type to see a complete load of B.S. when Rummy or one of his lackeys comes-a-calling to Congress.

That's what we need in Congress-Right NOW!

Kralmajales said...
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Emersome Biggums said...


How about a track record of running for congress? I think that make them pretty active now, don't you.

Emersome Biggums said...

To answer your question, have you seen Giffords fighting to defend the country with her life? How many times was she shot at? Did she have any interest in going to Iraq, in uniform? Was she will ing to vote for the people of Arizona or vote for corporate interest?

Take a hike Roger, sometimes people take an interest in changing the country because of drive and not because the opportunity opened and was seen as a "opportunity of a life time" said Giffords at her candidacy announcement.

I actual admire thiese two for picking up the banner, something many "established" democrats didn't have the guts to do. No one had the guts to take on Kolbe, except Latas. I think that is being pretty activist. You keep hammering to get your message out that these two were party poopers until recent. So what? Giffords didn't have the guts to run until Kolbe quit and I don't care how active she was prior to that. I never say her do any thing prior to running for this office, either. She was and is no more an activist then any of the other candidates.

cc burro said...

I agree with emersome biggums. In one of the earlier forums, Giffords talked about how serious the problems were--implying that was why she was running--yet if the problems were so serious as she indicated repeatedly that we needed a new direction (a Democrat, herself) for the country coming from CD 8, why didn't she try to enter the race against Kolbe before he announced that he would retire? Given the party registration in LD 28, she wouldn't have had to worry about her state Senate seat going to a Republican.

Kralmajales said...
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boohoo said...

Latas was defending your rights by serving in the USAF, putting his life on the line. Where was Giffords?

Oh, forgot, she was running her inherited business into the ground where she had to sale out to Goodyear. Some success, no real work experience and mediocre legislator. Repug flopped DLC, Big-Box-Store supporting opportunist.

Kralmajales said...
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Kralmajales said...
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boohoo said...

GG has state experience not federal. Latas, Alex and Francine have federal experience, NOT GIFFORDS. This is an interview and Giffords is fluff and no stuff. Her support is jumping ship now by the way. I have heard many stories of people jumping, many of them with connections and joining the other campaigns. Maybe it's SB1065, but I really think it's that she is not that strong of a leader and Americans are starving for someone to pick the banner up and run with it. Latas and Weiss have done this.

Kralmajales said...
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