Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On Line On The Go

Sometimes it seems to me that the old days really were better. We lashed our belongings on a clunky but reliable scoot and adventured off with a supply of spare parts. For the length of our trip we were as disconnected from national and business reality as hobos.

We did not carry: I-pods, transistor radios, cell phones, GPSs or high-tech camping equipment. We certainly did not carry computers. My computer experience this trip has been on-again/off-again. After having solved problems in Gallup I arrived in Gunnison absolutely unable to get my motel’s wi-fi connection to work. Nuts! Despair! Phooey!

I had given up when our fifteen year old assistant motel manager, hearing us complain, said, “Hey, I’ll reset it for you guys.” I didn’t have much faith so I went riding. Got back to the room this afternoon and found I had a connection strong enough to burn the bark off of trees!

Incidentally, two things I really miss on the road are NPR and decent Jazz. If you are one of those who mourned KUAZ’s replacing jazz with talk, or who can’t find an NPR station when you are spending a night in Dismal Seepage Nevada, let me remind you that you’re never without either if you have your ‘puter with you.

Right now I am listening “locally” to Tucson Jazz Radio. Listen here!


cc burro said...

Re KUAZ going mainly to news/news features.

As much as I like the jazz, given that there was hardly any decent radio news/news-type programs on the air in Tucson, I was thrilled when they went to Fresh Air/Talk of the Nation/Justice Talking/etc. during the day.

Art Jacobson said...


I certainly agree. I thought the Jazz programming was just a touch too 'elevator music.' Lots of people missed it, though.

I'm very pleased with Tucson Jazz Radio.


cc burro said...

FYI--Cephas Bowles, who was station manager in the 1980s, was INTO real jazz--not at all into the elevator-type stuff. Sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, he left to head a large jazz station on the east coast. And I don't know if those who came after Cephas were as devoted to or knowledgeable about real jazz.

FEDUP said...

Weiss just released her latest poll today. She is still 10 points ahead of Giffords.

More telling, is a little bird whispering in my ear tells me the results were taken from LD28. Yes, Giffords own district.

If they don't know her, who does?

sirocco said...

Fedup, I see you are making the rounds, so I'll come right around behind you. :)

Nothing in the data indicates it was taken within LD28, whatever you might claim. If it had been limited to that, Weiss would be trumpeting the fact.

If Weiss is 10 points ahead right now, with all her bally-hooed name recognition, before any real money is spent or advertising has been run, the Giffords camp is likely thrilled. 10 points is basically within the margin of error for the poll.

No, if Patty _really_ thought the news was good for her, it would have been announced a lot more obviously. She's well aware it's mediocre news at best, bad news at worst.

FEDUP said...

I don't think it is bad news or she would not have released it at all and so quickly. The campaign must see it as good news.

I do agree with some of what you said, and will get into my analysis later on that.

Dan Piotrowski said...

Again, the facts of the poll are as such: Gabrielle is behind by 10 points to a woman who has been on TV every night for three decades! And this is before Giffords campaign has even begun commercials. I wonder if the $25K that they spent on this poll will completely drain their campaign's bank account.

According to the poll on Weiss' web site, Weiss is recognized by 75% in her poll, but just 32% will vote for her. If my math is correct that means that the MAJORITY of people who have heard of Patty will NOT vote for her.

Also, with a 35% name recognition advantage, shouldn't this this translate into a lead of more than 10%? Hmmmm...... I bet that when Giffords starts to actually spend the massive amount of money that her huge support has garnered her, and people are introduced to her through weeks of uninterrupted TV commercials, her support will skyrocket.

Also, I just checked out Giffords' web site. It looks like she just won another "establishment" endorsement -- the League of Conservation Voters. You know, those damned establishment environmentalists. While Weiss is spouting polls, Giffords continues to bring more and more folks into her coalition.

Like Sirocco, I was intrigued that there was no press release with this poll. I mean, she had been trumpting the January poll for five months. I guess we have to assume that the reason why the campaign decided not to even issue a press release touting it is because anyone who analyzes the underlying results knows that the Weiss campaign must be a teensy-weensy bit concerned about the trends suggested by this poll.

toc001 said...

I don't have a dog in the fight, I'm from Tempe, but take a look at the endorsements GG has compared to Patty's friends and neighbors on her page. I would think those are going to take a big chunk out of that lead.

But what do i know?