Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Arizona Republican Jim Kolbe Packs it In

It was announced today that the Congressional race in Arizona's 8th Congressional District will officially become - HooHaw! A mad house! With Kolbe out of the game the mad scramble will begin. On the Dem's side look for Gaby Giffords to toss her hat in the ring, along with Shacter and Latas. Republicans? Well, Randy Graff for sure...and maybe Toni Hellon will deep six her primary battle with Huffman and run for the big time.

Ah, we live in interesting times.


New American Rebel said...

May that lib Toni Hellon lose to Graff, and may Graff destroy the Dems.

Art Jacobson said...

It's increasingly unlikely that Hellon will run for Kolbe's seat. That said you had best hope she loses to Huffman in the District 26 Republican primnary.

Anonymous said...

Eva Bacal and Tom Volgy are better candidates than Giffords - they have better voting records than she and aren't beholden to big money interests.

Art Jacobson said...

Dear Anon...
I'm puzzled by part of your post. Neither Bacal or Volgy have voting records.

Volgy almost pulled it off in '98, but he still lost. Bacal lost solidly.

Big money interests? Whether those are "good" big money interests or "bad" big money interests pretty much depends on whose ox gets gored and whose interests they are.

Bacall was not able to raise enough money to fully fund her campaign.
Volgy actually returned contributions, a high minded act but who knows if the extra bucks might not have won the 1000 votes he needed.

Dwight D. Leister:Chair:Committee To Elect said...

As a Candidate for Congress in Arizona's 8th Congressional District; ;recal being Co-Chair of The Teen Dems For Jack Kennedy in 1960! It took alot of driving people to the poles to get that one vote margin of victory per precinct to elect J.F.K.
The Bacal Campaign is interesting as is the Jeff Latas Airforce Fighter Pilot, with all answers provided.
A two year term in Congress, paying around $130,000 a year, if you are ethical, should not go to anyone currenty holding a Public Office.
Any lawyer elected to Congress now will turn Congress into a "SUPER SUPREME COURT," that has locked up both Houses of Congress now with Legal language instead of Action!