Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Call to Arizona Progressives

The Arizona Daily Star has revived its free on-line forums and they provide an excellent venue for spreading discussion of progressive political issues.

They provide something else as well…a place that offers a link to your blog. When you register (free) you also have the option of listing your blog. You’ll notice that The Data Port and Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion have already done so.This is a good way to increase your reach and readership.

You’ll also notice that I have launched a discussion of the state of healthcare in the United States. At the moment that discussion has reached something of a dead end with two of the major participants butting heads from what are essentially irreconcilable political positions. You are welcome to join in.

Inveterate bloggers may have forgotten the value of forums of this sort, but they attract readers and participants who may not be part of the blogosphere.

Take a look at the “Star’s” forums. Join in. link

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