Saturday, November 26, 2005

Arizona Voter Registration

A story in this morning’s Arizona Daily Star raises the question of possible disenfranchisement of Arizona voters who depend on their driver’s licenses to establish citizenship when they appear at the polls to vote. The problem is in Arizona’s Proposition 200.

“Under Proposition 200, anyone registering to vote must provide proof of citizenship. The most popular form is usually an Arizona driver's license issued after Oct. 1, 1996, when the state began demanding evidence of legal U.S. residency to get a license.”—Arizona Daily Star

Now I have two problems with this story. First, mere legal residency is not a sufficient condition for voting. (I guess obviously…Green Card holders are legal residents but not voters). Did the law require proof of legal residency, or of citizenship?

I checked my license…which is dated 06/15/05. Can I use this to “prove” eligibility to vote? Hardly. My first license was granted in 1973. I was not asked about citizenship then; I have never been asked about my citizenship since.


New American Rebel said...

The day America divorces Driver's Licenses from voting, the sooner we'll take great strides to eliminating voter fraud. By disallowing illegals with driving priveleges from voting, we concentrate the voting power of citizens and dilute the voting strength of illegals. I have NO problem with non-citizens driving, but I DO have a problem with them voting.

Art Jacobson said...

I certainly agree that illegals should not vote. I'm opposed to that as I am to all forms of voter fraud.

There always seems to be this assumption that hoards of illegals rush to the polls every election day.
I'm not sure that's true. Are there any reliable sources of information on this?

Non citizens (legal residents) are surely welcome to clog our streets. Illegals, of course, may be driving withou licenses and certainly without insurance.