Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shacter Declares for Arizona CD 8 Run

Another hat in the ring: Francine Shacter, who declared her candidacy less than two weeks ago. She wants a shot at unseating Republican incumbent Jim Kolbe and joins Democrat Jeff Latas in the primary race.

I met Ms Shacter at a precinct meeting recently and if nothing else she impressed me as a woman of bulldog tenacity. She has met with Democratic Party county chairman Paul Eckerstrom and with Pamela Sutherland, the “honcha” of Arizona List. (AL is devoted to getting pro-choice Democratic women elected.)

Shacter said that she was courteously received by Eckerstrom, but was left with the feeling that ‘the party’ had already decided that Latas should be the candidate. In the discussion with Sutherland Ms Shacter was reminded that although it was not a requirement the D-Triple-C, (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) believed that candidate ‘viability’ could best be demonstrated by raising 100 Grand by December 31. She has confidence that she can.

Ms Shacter has a long record of government service and Democratic Party activism. Latas may find her a hard nut to crack.

Her website is here.


Tedski said...

If I can't be pedantic here, where can I be?

No need to make "Honcho" into "Honcha." Honcho isn't Spanish, it's Japanese.

Art Jacobson said...

Good Lord!...and I thought it was Spanish for "She Who Must Be Obeyed."
Japanese, eh? Who'd have thunk it.