Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Congressional Whip To Visit CD8

Congressional Whip, Democrat Steny Hoyer, will be in Tucson Sunday for a brunch meeting with the members of the Desert Caucus.

The Desert Caucus is a bi-partisan political action committee that supports Republican and Democratic candidates who favor strong Israel-US relations. The Caucus is a significant source of funding for candidates it favors.
The Data Port wonders whether Hoyer will kill two, or possibly, three birds with one stone by meeting with any of the Democratic candidates for Jim Kolbe’s old seat. Remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

A great source told me that yes, Hoyer is planning to chat with Giffords and Weiss ... We'll see what comes out of that - looks like the DCCC has their two birds called for!

cc burro said...

I'm ignorant re this. How does the Democratic Congressional Whip (who most Democrats, including probably most of those who will be voting in the CD 8 primary, have never heard of) meeting with Gifford and Weiss kill off the rest of the candidates?

I do not have much faith in the national party to revitalize the party. Revitalization will come from new blood, new ideas, new activism from the grassroots.

Art Jacobson said...

Dear CC:
You ask how the Whip's visit kills off the rest of the candidates. It doesn't. All politics are local.