Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Thanks For CD8 Comments

A number comments have popped up to earlier posts by The Data Port, and even when they marked some level of disagreement with what's been said here they are a welcome addition to intelligent political discussion.

Here are some sources of reliable background information about candidates, issues, and finances.

Start with Project Vote Smart, a great site for reliable general info about the current political scene. (link) Move on to Open Secrets, the web site of the Center for Responsive Politics. This is billed as your guide to money in politics. (link)

And for fun, if you want to find out who your neighbors have supported with their money, and for how much, browse the Political Money Line. (link)

Finally, an annonymous comment has suggested that Gabrialle Giffords is a supporter of WalMart. Certainly not to my knowledge, so let's have a citation of sources for that claim. In the past Gabrielle has been supported by the S.E.I.U (Service Employees International Union.) It seems unlikely to me that any union would have supported a pro WalMart pol.


Anonymous said...

Asked anyone that was at Sierra Vista DFA.

She made a comment about how important Wal-Mart was in Douglas. Do I need to point out that this company has put many in that area out of business! I was there.

Go north and asked those who had family business in Stafford (out of AZ-8, but same issue).

Anonymous said...

One more thing. Why is everyone on this blog so blind to her lack of skill in politics. What kind of charm dust has she blown in your eyes.

Not one of you have piped up what she has done. All I see is a list of organizations any democrat has. You post her awards but, like the old wendys add, WHERE'S THE MEAT?

I have never seen anyone show me what see did for LD-28, nothing! She has no vision, passion (except for self glory) or CONVICTION. Thats the stuff in the gut for those who are blinded by the fairy dust.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Democrat. If you don't think the Repugs will pick up on what I'm talking about, your fools.

Anonymous said...

More than anything else, why is the other anonymous so desperate to tear a candidate down? Because SHE IS the front runner? Because this person can't say anything about other candidates? Let's keep it on the issues and maybe on people who have acted on their actions and have a track record - which again, does make Gabby Giffords a front runner ... Look into her voting record on the state legislature's website - do research!

Artemesia Pax said...

My problems with her are that she isn't a progressive which is what the AZ Dems need to bring the party back to being real democrats, and comes from rather privileged circumstances -- sold her family business to a mega corp and then entered politics.

Cronyism is rampant in this state in all parties. Being awarded with endorsement/assistance/moolah should not be aa automatic step granted to party line followers.

I guess the main reason I can't back Giffords is that she is THE candidate of the established AZ Dem. party that has not been successful in expressing what is the actual majority political orientation of the state.

(The only real AZ Dem succes was with Janet who was so good that even AZ Dems couldn't bugger her race.)

I think AZ has a real opportunity in having the possibility of Latas being a rep. He could speak with an authority on extremely significant national issues (Iraq, Pentagon, military recruiting and technical and environmental issues.)

Anonymous said...

What is Gabby's record, I've searched and have had no luck. I've asked this amoug you loyalist and I get nothing from you, either. She has no record, face it. You are backing a DINO.

Kralmajales said...
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Anonymous said...

Again, you tell me nothing that she has done. I've seen her list on the web site, and so what. I ask you to tell me what she has done in the State gov. and you can't.

My guy did 21 years in the Federal government and and walks the walk, talks the talk and fought so your girl didn't have to. He is the only one with that much experience. Maybe you should visit Other have and others agree with me, Col Jeff Latas is real leadership, demonstrated and proven.

You can support your girl, even though she wants to stay in Iraq and send your kids there, just like the current chicken hawks.

Art Jacobson said...

Dear Annonymous Latas Supporter,

First a piece of practical political advice, which you proably won't take but most probably need: It's a good idea during a primary campaign to rein in your rhetorical flourishes. On the chance your guy wins he will need the support of everyone else.

Now, "your guy" did not do 21 years in "the Federal Government." He did 21 years as a federal (military) employee. The walk he walked was a walk he was ordered to walk while following out the policies of men and women who were, properly speaking, members of the federal government.

The talk he talked was what he passed down the line of command. In all this he acted honorably and as we expect our service men to act.

But Latas has no legislative experience at all; no experience in the political skills of compromise in a legislative body. He has no experience dealing with the conflicting demands of constituents. These can be learned, but why elect someone who has to begin his political education on page one?

I gather that some of the more radical amongst us want an immediate withdrawl from Iraq. Speaking for myself I can imagine nothing that would dishonor the sacrifices of our service men and women more that to leave without trying in some measure to leave Iraq in some sort of stable condition.

The non-anonymous Art Jacobson

Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't served and my guess is that you haven't had any kids serve either. Tell me I'm wrong, and I'll quit flapping my gums about that issue. However, no one has yet to tell me what your girl has done for us, the people.

You keep going on and on like the energizer bunny about the greatness of the "tire hiress" but you haven't told me one reason why I should even think of changing my position based on her skill to be my representitive.

If you don't like Latas because of me, that just shows your sallowness.

Given his political experience, I'll vote for anyone that has a strong postions to correct the wrong done in this country. Gabby hasn't shown any of that. She's a conformist, not a centralist. What has she fought for anyway, that's what I'm asking.

Maybe some of you who are so hook to the idea that an elcted offical has to have a resume should change parties, that kind of thinking is their way, the Republican way. I believe there are leaders who haven't had the chance because they were serving their country and couldn't run. Get a grip Art, I would think you'd do better then this. I guess Washington shouldn't have been the first Pres and Eisenhower was unqualified. I don't think McCain should have just jumped into the Senate either, and what about Pederson, no elected position there I don't think. I guess you'll be voting for Kyl based on your points of view.

I keep an open mind and have been convinced that "your girl" doesn't have what it takes to fight for me in a institution that may require some back bone and nonconformity. I've been convinced that Latas is smart, articulate, will fight and has no personal interest other then to support the people.

When he wins, go vote for Graf if I've upset you soon much that you want to spite Latas, he'll need the support since Latas will shake him like a dog with a rat.

Kralmajales said...
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Anonymous Pima said...

My main concerns are issue stances and character--equally important, since corruption is a real concern of mine. Even though mainly REP politicians are getting muddied by the Abramoff scandals, I don't think the DEMs are any less corruptible.

Whoever you are out there, keep your eyes on the prize--a good Democrat winning CD 8. Don't fuel intra-party acrimony. We have enough of that already between the Rs and Ds.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Patty went negative on Giffords last night at the Democracy for America event. Said something about her being corrupt. Senator Giffords is an honest public servant who has never done a thing to make me question her integrity. What gives, Patty? I think you're making a big mistake if you decide to turn this into a negative campaign. A lot of people in this town know a lot about Patty. I've heard some interesting things lately.