Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is Weiss Closer to Candidacy in CD8?

It begins to look more and more certain that Patty Weiss will leave “exploration” behind and embrace “candidacy.” The Data Port’s gnomes keep whispering that she is a) currently working with, or b) has actually tapped the former director of Howard Dean’s Arizona campaign, Frank T. Costanzo to be her campaign manager.

Does this position her in the “progressive” wing of the Democratic party?

When Weiss first declared her interest Paul Eckerstrom, Pima County Democratic Party chairman, waxed lyrical about name recognition that was worth, he felt, 2 million bucks. Weeellll…maybe. But the thing about name recognition is that it ain’t fungible. You cant take it to the bank and you can’t rent office space or pay printing bills with it.

You still need to raise money, and folks on both sides of the political fence seem to think the CD8 race is going to cost each side at least 2 million plus real dollars. The folks who need to recognize your name are the movers and shakers at the top of the Democratic party.


Anonymous said...

I think we movers and shakers at the top of the Democratic Party know Patty's name, just like everyone else in the party and like her chances against the current crop of candidates.

Anonymous said...

I have always felt that the ability to raise money is influenced by who the party m&s feel can win the campaign. The next question is: Does the money go to the person who will help the masses or those who "invest"their money for their best gain from the elected person? It seems that there is always a way to circumvent the financing laws (utilized by all parties). I have been told that pragmatic politics demands those loopholes. This election should be most interesting. Maybe Joe Sweeny will join the race.

Anonymous said...

The money game is all bullshit. Just look at the races over the last 6 years in both CD-8/7. The primaries were won mostly by low wage campaigns. Money is all hype and no bite. The winner of this race will follow suit and not be the "big money" campaign. Winners, however do have the grass roots. The candidate who has the grass root will win.

Art Jacobson said...

Sorry,anonymous three,but you don't understand where the money needs to be spent. The primary campaigns you mention may have been won on shoestrings, but the candidates all lost in November.

Tom Volgy came close, but he had the odd notion that he could win spending about six dollars a vote...which is what it cost to win his race for mayor. Who knows? He might have won with a little more money.

The two million or more is not needed for the primary but for the general.

What are you "anonymous" posters afraid of? Are you ashamed of your names,or simply guarding against having to publicly bear the burden of you (sometimes misguided) opinions?

Kralmajales said...
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