Friday, January 20, 2006

Name Recognition

It’s best to keep a firm grasp on your sense of humor during the political primary season. After all, when it’s time for the general election you want to get all your folks back in the same tent. In the words of an old song: “Tell your parents not to muddy the waters around us…they may have to drink them some day.” Probably applies to battles within a political party, too.

I did have to chuckle about Patty Weiss’s name recognition. That only counts if it’s the name on the ballot, and to be the name on the ballot it has to be her legal name.

Not to worry, Patty went to Superior Court and petitioned for a name change. Hence, Patricia Bryers Gelenberg is now legally Patricia Gelenberg Weiss.

Incidentally, the Arizona Daily Star story reporting her candidacy also reported that Jeff Latas was “among the first” to declare for the seat. Oh? I thought he was the first. Well, I’m sure the Latas fans will set us straight.


Dwight D. Leister:Chair said...

Iam glad someone has a sence of history as to who first filed against the incumbent in Congressional District 8;as a Candidate for Congress in cd8 my F.E.C.ID number C00399931 and House I.D. number H4AZ08025 was filed in April of 2004 before any of the 2004 candidates filed let alone the 2006 candidates. I do not like to point fingers but Jeff Latas has not been struck by lightning as Bruce Babbitt was when he said "It was an act of God that made him run for Governor," after promising Dino DeConcini he would not run, as Dino announced,then withdrew because of God?

Art Jacobson said...

Dear Mr Leister,

Thanks for your comment. You're in a position to clear up a confusion of mine.

Is your 2004 registration good for 2006, or must you re-register for each election cycle?

Can someone help me out here? I ask because Eva Bacal's reistration for 2004 is still open but I can find no evidence that she registered for the 2006 cycle. Does she need to? Does Mr. Leister?

Frank said...

Dwight, why weren't you at the forum last night? Many people wanted to hear you. No one seems to know you. You need to show up to these forums so people can meet you if and hear you on the issues if you are serious about running.

Latas needs to stop trashing other candidates. If it is starting already, I cannot imagine how ugly it will be by summer.

Dwight D. Leister:Chair said...

I did not attend the Democracy/America Forum, because as you all have heard FEC rules are being looked at over and over again ,to see if Congressional Candidates are not being informed under the full disclosure rule of any 527 or 501c3 or 501c4,tax exempt organization,as is Democracy America/Tucson. I was e-mailed by Steve Cody the Co-Chair of Democracy /Tucson and accepted the invitation to attend the forum. I was taken back when I looked at the other Candidates who were invited and saw that on Jeff Latas web-site is pictured Steve Cody as a Supporter of the Jeff Latas Campaign Committee. I immediatly wrote a letter to the F.E.C. in early January to then Chairman Scott E. Thomas , asking for an advisory opinion, if I could attend and it be a conflict of interest now or later in the campaign,if I was to be pictured with someone who "DID NOT GIVE ME FULL DISCLOSURE ," as to who he was or who was sponsoring the event. Steve Cody was instructed to read to everyone in attendance at that forum my statement! He said he would do so!DID HE? The F.E.C. has not given me an "ADVISORY OPINION," as to how to treat tax exempt 501c4 or 501c3 or a 527 organizations with its Chairman or Co-Chairman or board members supporting another Candidate or his or her Committee.AS we all know President Bush is being named for impeachment for shaking hands with Jack Abramoff; I do not want my Campaign Fined $16,000 dollars for a person who did not give me full disclosure as to who he was and represented himself as a 501c4 tax exempt forum! Steve Cody told me he did not have to give me full disclosure because he is a VOLUNTEER! This statement shocked me and I again asked for what , "VOLUNTEER," meant under F.E.C. riules,are volunteers exempt from F.E.C. rules and can sit on the board of a 527,501c3 or 501c4 tax exempt organization and set up another Candidate or his or her committee? This is the only reason I did not attend and will not attend any Forum or meeting that does not give me full disclosure. This "WARNING," is posted on my web-site at the bottom of each page in "RED INK" for all to see!
I said before any of the Candidates lined up for District 8,that the F.E.C. is going to issue some pretty big fines in Congressional District 8 and I meant it! I will not do bussiness as usual as Congress continues to spin into corruption and ethics violations! This Campaign will be done by the book!

Dwight D. Leister:Chair
T.Mae Leister: First Vice Treasurer