Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Arizona CD 8 Campaign News: Giffords/Latas

The Data Port received the following press release from the Giffords Campaign

TUCSON – Labor organizations which represent Arizona's First Responders have endorsed the candidacy of former state Sen. Gabrielle Giffords for the U.S. Congress.

Giffords, a Democrat running in Arizona's 8th Congressional District, has won backing from the following unions:

* The Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS), Local 7077, a coalition of eighty-two law enforcement associations with over 6,000 members. AZCOPS is also part of the Communications Workers of America/National Coalition of Public Safety Officers, and includes the following organizations:
o Benson Police Officers Association
o Douglas Police Officers Association
o Marana Police Officers Association
o Oro Valley Police Officers Association
o Pascua Yaqui Police Association
o Sahuarita Police Officers Association
o Sierra Vista Police Officers Association
o Tucson Police Officers Association
o Tucson Police Commanders Association
o Cochise County Law Enforcement Association
o Cochise County Probation Association
o Pima County Attorney Criminal Investigators Association
o Pima County Association Corrections Professionals
o Pima County Deputy Sheriff's Association
o Pima Juvenile Corrections Association
o Pima County Probation Officers Association
o Santa Cruz County Deputies Association
* The Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
* Tucson Fire Fighters Association, Local 479
* The Associated Highway Patrolmen of Arizona

These groups have joined a growing coalition of unions, professional groups and community leaders who support Giffords for Congress, in addition to the over 1,500 individuals who have donated their personal time and money to the campaign.

"We know that Sen. Giffords is committed to public safety, because she supported us in our mission when she was in the Arizona Senate," said Jim Parks, AZCOPS President. "She has proven herself to be a great ally in state government and we know that when she gets to Washington, DC, she will continue to be an effective advocate for public safety."

Latas Announces Media buys.

Jeff Latas announced today on his blog that he has 3 commercials, produced “pro bono,” ‘in the can.’ He reports he is scheduling buys tonight. (April 12, 2006)

You can see the ads and vote for a favorite here.
The Latas Blog is here.


Working Joe said...

Congratulations to Giffords. She isn't my first choice, but she is getting a lot of endorsements so someone thinks she would be good.

Can't wait to see which ad the Latas camp chooses.

Kralmajales said...
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George Tuttle said...

Question here....

Were the other candidates interviewed?

If not, then the endorsements are slimed...again.

In fact, people in Tucson are starting to see how much these so-called "endorsements" actually mean: nothing.

Nice try at trying to create some kind of buzz about Gabby.

Any idea on her stances on issues yet?????

Oh, yeah, she's in the middle of the road, along with that dead coyote I passed this morningn my way to SV.

vetdem said...

I bet the other candidates were considered. And I'm sure that their campaigns had contacted those organizations.

The endorsements, volunteers and donations make it clear that their is a huge amount of support for Giffords in this race.

anonymous said...

Lets not forget Gabby's signature Seat Belt Law that would have given any cop in the state the ability to pull you over if he/she thought or saw that you were not wearing a seat belt.

It would have given them probable cause to stop anyone for the slimmest of reasons.

Both conservatives and progressives tossed that onto the scrapheap of history.

She said it was about safety, when over 80% of this state buckles up out of common sense.

George Tuttle said...

"I bet the other candidates were considered. And I'm sure that their campaigns had contacted those organizations."

Complete horsecrap Vetdem. I know those in the power of some of those unions and they DID NOT interview or even consider the other candidates.


You figure it out.

Before you post crap like that Vetdem, you had better have your facts straight.

Again, more endorsements that are tainted. Many Democrats are smelling the stench of this crap. But..please keep on going like this, it only margjnalizes Gabby even more to the electorate.

Kralmajales said...
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Art Jacobson said...


I'm not wild about your choice of language, but let's chalk it up to politcal excitation...this once.

I think we would all be interested in hearing if Latas went to the Unions and asked to present his views. That's what Weiss did to get her union endorsement.

They do like to be asked.


vetdem said...

To George Tuttle:

If the other candidates didn't know to contact the unions then I expect that they're doing a poor job running their respective campaigns. I know for a fact that more than one union considered Patty. So my previos post is not a "bunch of crap." It's partially correct. I will concede to you that I don't know if any union has considered Latas or Rodriquez. If they haven't I would expect that they don't believe they are viable candidates. Your thoughts?

sally in az said...

I just read most of the blogs by Jeff and I have to say, I am impressed. You should do the same. I was thinking of backing Gabby, but this changed my mind. You should take a look.

sally in az said...

I just made a donation to Latas. He is a real patriot and we should get behind this type of conviction. I'm still wondering why anyone would back someone else. Where has this type of person been. I made the contribution while visiting the site in art's diary.

anonymous said...

Gabby's support is superficial.

Only the party hacks and their volunteer contacts are engaged.

Many of them do not live in CD8.

Preliminary canvassing and internal polls back up this inconvenient truth.

x4mr said...

Agree Sally that Jeff is a terrific person with authenticity and conviction that resonates.

The $13 buy an ad for him is inspiring. He needs to do something to address the finance issue.

Jeff probably wouldn't mind having Gabby's superficial $562,000.

anonymous said...

Gabby and Jeff Latas are fighting for second place.

Its nice to see.

vetdem said...

I agree that Jeff Latas is a patriot. I'm sure Weiss, A-rod and Giffords are too. Unfortunatley Latas has no experience and I don't expect that he would be very effective. He can't even get his FEC paperwork in on time. Congress needs smart and experienced legislators. This district has the opportunity to elect one in Gabrielle Giffords. Based on the support that she has received this quarter I would argue that she is the front runner. Not Weiss and certainly not Latas.

sirocco said...

To quote Anon:

"Gabby and Jeff Latas are fighting for second place.

Its nice to see."

Yeah -- loser gets second, winner first. Weiss will be third.

anonymous said...

Gabby's numbers are barely above Jeff Latas'.

She is in a real race, and her ability to win this is not good.

George Tuttle said...

Breaking news:
PDA endorses Latas.
More can be found here:

vetdem said...

Which "numbers" are you refering to?

Emersome Biggums said...


Latas got his FEC filings in on time, get a grip, they weren't even due until the 15th.