Monday, April 10, 2006

Press Releases

The Giffords campaign announces a volunteer “thank you” and ice cream social tomorrow at the campaign headquarters. Time: Noon to One. If Ice cream doesn’t get the press to cover, what will? Probably the announcement of 1st Quarter fund raising results.

On April 6th the Weiss campaign issued a press release expressing Weiss’s shock at the Bush leak of “highly classified intelligence" and supporting the Conyers resolution for a bipartisan Congressional investigation.Like most press releases it fell still-born from the press, or did I miss a story? She should have tried ice cream.

At least Weiss and Giffords send press releases to bloggers.

The Data Port is apparently not on the Latas Campaign press release list, but judging from its web site it’s doing a fine job of getting in the papers.

Big Brother is watching us.(Watch him back.) Three days a ago the NRCC (The National Republican Congressional Committee) fired off a press release reporting that it was shocked…shocked…that Weiss, Giffords and Latas hadn’t immediately reported on how they would have voted on ten crucial issues:

Death Tax Repeal (RCV#102) 4/13/05
Flag Burning Prohibition (RCV#296) 6/22/05
Medical Liability (RCV#449) 7/28/05
Lawsuit Abuse Reduction (RCV#553) 10/27/05
Tax Relief Extension (RCV#621) 12/08/05
Victory in Iraq Resolution (RCV#648) 12/16/05
Defense Appropriations (RCV#665) 12/19/05
Real ID Act (RCV#31) 2/10/05
Patriot Act (RCV#627) 12/14/05
Border Security (RCV#661) 12/16/05

The NRCC is already fighting the November election. Incidentally, I don’t think the press release got any press. Maybe they should have offered ice cream?


vetdem said...

Can't wait to see those 1st quarter fundraising results!!!!

We'll soon see who has the support and who does not. Should be an interesting week.

anonymous said...

Show us the internal polls too!

vetdem said...

Why would a candidate show an internal poll?

Art Jacobson said...

Just to keep the record straight, sometime after this post, I did receive a press release from Latas highly critical Bush's toying with war in Iran.

anonymous said...

You release polls, if they show you have great numbers showing electability.

You don't release polls, if you don't have the numbers to support your popularity.

You release financial info instead, if you have lots of money but little support in the polls.

vetdem said...

To the anon regarding the polls:

You're way off on this. You don't ever release non-scientific internal polls. They are too easily disputed. You sometimes don't even the release the polls that you pay a lot of money for that show you have tons of support. This is the case when you do very well in a poll but by releasing the data you lose that hardworking volunteer support. Why would this happen? Well if you're a volunteer and you feel your candidate has already got this thing won, would you work very hard? I know I wouldn't. So don't read much into whether or not a candidate is releasing poll data. It doesn't mean anything. What means a lot is campaign contributions. Who do people give money to? Candidates that they support. No or little money means little support. The candidate that raises the most money is generally the most viable. They have the support of the community and they have the money to spend on the campaign. I suspect you'll see some CD-8 candidates fizzle out shortly for lack of bucks.

anonymous said...

Who pays for nonscientific polls?

No one that I know.

Who leaks polls? Winners of those same polls.

When a campaign brags up their finances and buries their real numbers, they are in real trouble... not nonscientific trouble.

Art Jacobson said...

Dear Anonymouse...

Sour grapes?

George Tuttle said...

Art too bad you have no idea about the press.

Why should they bite on an ice cream social to cover the Gifford's campaign? What is so freakin' newsworthy about that? I would guess you guys on the Gifford's side have swallowed some sour milk over the coverage of the Latas campaign headquarters opening.

Your postings lately have fallen from interesting to almost inane.

anonymous said...

Sour grapes, no...

Like fine wine, one should never serve polls before their time.

Winners leak polls, losers don't.

Art Jacobson said...


Woke up this morning irony-challenged, did you? (Incidentally, do you find my favorable report of Latas's press coverage silly or senseless? I'll be sure not to do that again.

vetdem said...

Winners don't have to leak anything.

Winners have support from the public.

Winners have a lot of volunteers and a great organization.

Winners receive financial support from the community.

Winners have a lot of folks show up at their events.

Losers don't have any of those things so they create a poll to get an answer they want regardless of what the truth is. Polls don't mean anything when they're done that way.

George Tuttle said...

Inane, yep I said it and I meant it.

Nice try at trying to bag Latas in your original post. Did you sign up to receive the press releases, or do you expect them to come by osmosis. I would be Joe the press guy would be more than happy to put you on the list if you would email him at the news contact. I did and I get mine that way. (and I know you visit the webpage.)

By the way, if you want to see the netroots backing a candidate that has a solid foreign policy standing-just go to the Daily Kos today. Jeff's stand on Iraq and the U.S. rhetoric is rising like a meteor on the recommended list.

anonymous said...

I know who is ahead in the primary.

And it is not the biggest fundraiser.

vetdem said...

Based on what?

anonymous said...

internal polls!

vetdem said...

That and $3.50 will get you a cup of coffee but not a congressman.

anonymous said...

Thats right.

Its votes that count, not campaign finances, nor coffee.

Internal polls are snapshots that help the candidate target the undecided, and show approval and negatives.

But all of this hype over the golden campaign chests reminds me of Elaine Richardson's numbers... before she became a real estate consultant and advisor to one of the candidates.

vetdem said...

To the last anon. You're right it is not all about money. It's about integrity and experience as well. CD-8 needs to elect the candidate that can best represent the district in DC. I think that candidate is Gabrielle Giffords. To those that don't know her, I suggest you visit her website, listen to her speak about the issues and talk to those in the community that do know her. I promise that you'll be impressed.

George Tuttle said...

All I have heard is: "That's a complicated issue."

her website offers nothing, and I mean, nothing of substance.

Color me less than impressed..more like disappointed.

Emersome Biggums said...

I've been to her site. I guess if you cn't read, she may have a good site, her pictures are pretty. But for those of us that can read, her pictures are kind of pretty.