Thursday, April 06, 2006

Notes and Comment

I was reminded today that where motorcycles are concerned sometimes older is better. I’ve owned and ridden maybe twenty-five different bikes, hacks, and scooters in forty-five years riding. I’ve enjoyed ‘em all, but my favorite solo ride is “Coda,” my 16-year-old BMW K75.
…..more about this at The Data Port/Motorcycles

I’ve been reading over the comment strings to the political posts here on The Data Port. My, but we’re all having fun! How much good we do our favorite candidates when our incisive and devastating defenses are, say, 17th in a list of 20 or more I’m not sure.

There’s funny stuff, though. I was particularly tickled by the guy who attacked his opponent by accusing him of sentence fragments. Or some such thing.

In order to post a comment readers have to register. They can use a nom de blog, and some one or more have tumbled to the fact that they can register as “anonymouse” hence reducing the chance that they will ever get credit for their wisdom. I think that’s pretty cute so I haven’t waspishly deleted their posts.

I do not understand why more of you don’t start your own blogs, which isn’t any more difficult than registering to comment. Regular, thoughtful commentary about what must be done and who must be elected to do it might really do your favorite candidate some good. Oh,… regular…thoughtful…could that be it?

Out Of The Frying Pan Dept. Even before “The Dead” closed I jumped into a completely different fire, a show for Borderlands Theater. I’m struggling to learn my handful of lines in time for dress rehearsal, which is why the keyboard here at The Data Point has cooled off .


anonymous said...

Location, location, location.

I don't think its as fun as you suggest.

You get tickled in places where others only groan.

All we want is some truth. Just give us some truth.

anonymous said...

I would like to thank Art and Ted for taking the time to find stories and provocative digs.

It takes some work to keep these blogs fresh and interesting.

I always fall in line with these guys after the primaries, when we all make the political calculus that point to the Democrats being the best caucus and party for promoting civility and more humane laws.

There is more opinion than fact in these AZ blogs, and its certainly not read by that many regular joes.

But the readership is intense and we can thank Art Jacobson and Ted Prezelski for this.

anonymous said...

Art and Ted know lots of people, which leads to an interesting subset of readers.

I know them both and I think the difficulty most bloggers have, besides the almost daily tedium of being current, is to attract readers and comments.

They like to gossip and be provocative, but nobody will accuse you of too much hype in Hollywood (or politics). So its fun to see where they go and who they know.

Its easier to be read on the local AZ blogs that are running than it is to be read on a newer blog.

Even a DailyKos diary will get more readership than a vanity blog.

Its not every day that you get the incisive comments at the top of the column, so today I salute you.

Kralmajales said...
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