Thursday, April 13, 2006

Arizona CD 8: Weiss Reports Fundraising

In a press release sent to The Data Port the Weiss Campaign today reported its first quarter fund raising:

(Tucson, Arizona) Democratic Congressional candidate Patty Weiss today filed her campaign financial report with the Federal Elections Commission that demonstrates great momentum as she ends the first quarter of 2006.

The report showed that the Weiss campaign had total receipts of $183,450. It received contributions from 484 individuals and one political action committee, the United Transportation Union. Fully 93% of contributions are from Arizonans.


Self Appointed Opinion Leader said...

Take out what Gabby can only spend on the general election, and you've got a real race here.

I remember the belittling predictions about how there was only one candidate capable of breaking past the $100,000 milestone.

Congratulations to both Patty and Gabby for making this a competitive race.

We are lucky we have such a wealth of candidates, including Jeff Latas, and Alex Rodriguez.

May the best candidate win.

SonoranDesertRat said...

A few quotes from the other day...

Sounds like Patty probably didn't raise much. 

Not a lot of support out there for someone with no worthwhile experience I suspect.

If Patty Weiss is so beloved and her name recognition is worth so much then how come she can't raise the money it's gonna take to win? Everybody loves her and believes in her, and so they... what? They give money? Or they... endorse her? No, they... volunteer. No. Instead, they don't do much of anything. No volunteers. No grassroots. No endorsements from organizations.

Thought that poll was old news.

Finding myself agreeing with vetdem again. From my admittedly limited perspective, huge $$ with Giffords is clear for all to see and committed volunteers for Latas appear to be growing, but seeing little in Weiss's corner.

In what metric ($$, volunteers, endorsements, etc.) is she producing?

Am I missing something?
Patty's numbers are pretty damn impressive, especially when you consider where she started from. She did not have a ready-to-go network of donors like Gabby - the unions (who didn't interview other candidates), the local Democratic Party folks, some national DLC donors, AZ List, and so on. Having a network like that still means you gotta work for the money, but you're going to have a much easier time getting it than other candidates. Patty is in this thing, and if her organiztion gets things a little better together, she will be very hard to beat.

vetdem said...

I find it interesting that Gabby has been painted as the big money candidate. Gabby's average contribution $325. Patty's $375. Don't believe me then do the math. When you consider the amount that each candidate has raised it tells me one thing. Gabby even has the grass (or should I say cactus) roots support.

sirocco said...

That's a good-sized amount for Patty, certainly enough to be competitive.

Still, I imagine she's a little disappointed -- as has been noted you get a lot of your "big" donations up front. Weiss raised $60K less in her initial 2.5 months than Giffords did in her initial 2.5 weeks.

Has anyone seen the Latas numbers yet?

anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Patty does not need the massive media buys that Gabby must run merely to introduce and create an image that has trust, experience and likeability.

Except for the political class, no one knows Gabby outside of her legislative district.

Former Senator Giffords is a virtual unknown in the lands without corporation chains and big boxes.

sirocco said...

People have been claiming Weiss doesn't need money as much as Giffords does, and to some extent that's likely true.

However, Weiss will eventually need to get her views out there just as much as any other candidate (Giffords, Latas, Republican) and to do that will take money, lots of it.

Weiss can certainly make do with less money, but I don't believe the deficit can be as large as some seem to think.

anonymous said...

No candidate for CD8 has a lock on the primary.

This is now apparent. Jeff Latas could easily be the wild card. But he too must raise money to get his message out.

Its not good strategy to trump up campaign contributions as the reason why you are electable.

More and more, it will be about who gets the message out, and whether this has any resonance.

anonymous said...

On December 1, 2005, Gabby made herself the big money candidate.

She described herself as primarily a "pro-business democrat."

She likes a CEO image, which also denotes an image of big money.

She belongs to the big money DLC.

The list could go on, but the day is short.

vetdem said...

The stark reality is that it will take a lot of money come September/October to beat whoever the republican is. Lets not lose sight of that.

x4mr said...

Touche, desertrat. I asked if I was missing something, and apparently the answer is yes.

As I said somewhere, first quarter is easiest (aunts, uncles, cousins), but this is a good number for Patty.

Also, Latas appears to be strong in "in kind" support. Seen the tv ads at dailykos?

Absolutely, may the best candidate win!

AZYouLikeIt said...

sonorandesertrat said "the unions (who didn't interview other candidates)"

Is this true?

Jeff Latas is an airline pilot, right? Their union endorsed Gabby, if I'm not mistaken.

Does Grijalva have the unions so deep in his pocket that he can force them to endorse one candidate without even MEETING the others -- even a candidate that's a MEMBER of their own union?

Not to mention the rumor that Raul forced Gabby to dump Eddie Basha from her campaign to make the unions get on board.

Sounds like Raul's running an extortion racket to get his horse elected.

sirocco said...

Anon, no one is debating Giffords has positioned herself as a "pro-business" Democrat.

However, that's not _all_ she is, and the number of separate contributions, as well as the total amount, should help make that clear. Obviously people other than just "big-money donors" are contributing to her campaign.

Kralmajales said...
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anonymous said...

Pro-business was her primary point of view on day one.

This moniker and her CEO image remain the bulk of what most uninformed nonparty regulars know of Gabby.

This is her message, not the bloggers.

Gabby has not redefined herself beyond these parameters.


After negotiating with the Progressive Democrats of America over a questionnaire, she and Alex Rodriguez refused to answer the questions.

Patty Weiss, Jeff Latas and Francine Schacter answered the questions and we now know where they stand on everything from NAFTA to Iraq.

Gabby remains the pro-business CEO.

She is not alone in her pro-business stands. Alex Rodriguez does not support legislation sanctioning businesses that knowingly hire illegals. He is a proud establishment candidate and he is very candid about his support for small business.

George Tuttle said...

Jeff's numbers won't be impressive, but as we have all found out, it takes more than a ton of money to win here.

Jeff's in kind contributions have been making up for the lack of actuals. They match Jeff's conviction for ideals. Everyone around D-28 have been nothing less than impressed with Jeff and what he has been able to do with a lot less than the others.

Kralmajales said...
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sally in az said...

Wow, I just read Latas' blogs. They are amazing. I suggest others do the same. Some are very insightful. I was leaning toward Gabby, but now, I have to say, Latas is the guy that will represent me.

anonymous said...

Roger keeps raising his minimums on Patty.

Truth is, Ms. Weiss raised more than either Raul Grijalva, or Elaine Richardson during the first quarter.

Elaine Richardson had the support of much of the same party regulars that are in the Giffords camp.

Patty is much stronger in fundraising than anyone on the Art or Tedski beat predicted. This is a fact, not a conjecture.

Yo Se Quien Soy said...


Interesting points you all raise. Money is definately a big part of the equation - but so is support. What about the candidates' listing of supporters? What about their support from hitting the pavement and gathering signatures? Are those numbers public so far??

And Alex - what happened to his numbers on fundraising??? AND WHERE IS LATAS' FEC report????

Just some thoughts...

SonoranDesertRat said...

FYI - FEC reports do not hit the internet as soon as they are posted. It takes the FEC some time to get these things ready for presentation. They were due this past Friday, and I don't terribly imagine that they're rushing over an Easter weekend to get the reports online.

Working Joe said...

I have to say I am shocked at Weiss's numbers. I knew she would be successful in the General but didn't think she could convinced Democrats to give her a chance in the Primary since she entered so late and has no machinery in the party to propel her. Apologies to the Weiss campaign because I really underestimated her. I expected no more than $100 grand. Considering she had nothing, and none of the machinery behind her, this is beyond impressive from just a financial perspective.

I don't agree with her on all the issues, but I do think she has tremendous integrity and stands by her convictions when attacked. Like the other poster said, her organization does need to get it together better though. Most people are prejudging her without actually spending time talking to her. I did noticed she has some more issues added to her website.

I like that she and Latas are not afraid to take firm stands. I have no idea what is up with Alex's site. That alone turns me off to him as a candidate.

Looks like Giffords and Weiss are raising the $$$. That doesn’t mean they are the best, and I still hate the focus on money versus issues, but I guess that will continue to be the conversation here. Weiss still has an uphill battle with Grijalva supporting Giffords and the big DNC and DCCC, DSCC behind Giffords. Plus all those union endorsements. Giffords can glide through while Patty will need to fight for every ounce of support. Hopefully she will get out there more because if you look at her calendar over the past 2 months she has been nearly invisible in Pima County. Someone needs to tell her that that majority of the votes come from the Tucson area.

I like all the Democratic candidates (except Dwight, he scares me) and I hope we see more debates. After doing more research on Giffords this weekend, I am going to keep my mind open about her too. It is true she is running as "pro-business" which is not bad if you are talking about small business, but she isn't.

She is talking about pro-big business, aka the Halliburtons and Enrons that we have all had enough of buying elections. And she has described herself as a "centrist" which makes me cringe because I am center and find it patronizing. Selling out to corporations is NOT what people in the center value, we value candidate that will fight for the working people regardless of their personal agendas and ideologies. While there are things I like less about Giffords than other candidates, (did you check out her vote in 2002 on the use tax bill? dumbest thing I have seen yet and she was the primary sponsor, which doesn't counter her corporate sellout image) and I have some fears of what she will be like if elected, but I would support her in the General and want to be fair to her supporters. I know the Republican candidates I have talked to are just too far out there right now for me to vote Republican this time around. I just hope next time I attend one of her events Giffords is more approachable and talks more concretely on the issues to the working class like me. We aren’t stupid, we just aren’t privileged.

I will have to check Latas's report. He is still my favorite but if he hasn't broken $100 grand at this point, I think he will have a hard time getting his name out. He is running some ads now so we will see what impact that has. He has been campaigning a long time so I would think he would have a lot of traction now. Maybe all his volunteers are poorer folks like me and that is why he doesn't have the big $$$ yet? I will wait to see the report before I decide. Rumor has it he might be getting some big endorsements soon too.

Don't forget, Francine is a decent candidate too. Not my choice, but I have seen some impressive statements from her.

Kralmajales said...
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Working Joe said...

Oh, by the way, check out that article yesterday about immigration and how corporations pay smugglers?


That is the real problem that both sides of the fence are ignoring. Patty Weiss is the only candidate that said to fine corporations, but the $ amount she proposed was way too low. And her support of the guest worker program just compounds the issue. At least she is talking about it and not sidestepping the issue.

Make the law abiding immigrants legal residents, force corporations to pay huge fines (millions for hiring illegals and even jail time for CEOs and hire more investigative staff into corporations. As long as businesses are getting huge tax breaks and also exploiting workers so they can pay next to nothing while American workers cannot find jobs, the problem of illegal immigration and the hostility will keep on increasing. The humanity issue is separate from the terrorism issue, but both are tied to the abuses of corporations.

We need a congressional representative who will not support corporations over human beings.

I would take $50 an hour to pick lettuce for McCain. It is a lie that American workers will not do the work, that the immigrants are harder working and we are lazy, and all those other stupid arguments that both Democrats and Republicans make. Immigrants get abused in the process too.

American workers will do the work, we just won't do it for $1 per hour which is illegal for US corporations to pay anyway. I used to resent the illegal immigrants until I learned who the real problem is. Have you read how much Exxon raked in during the past year, and the past 13 years? That is criminal, and they are getting away with it.

Working Joe said...

I need to get back to my family on this beautiful Easter Day. Happy Easter for all you Christians and let us hope that the 2006 election brings hope and peace. Joe

Working Joe said...

I must get back to my family on this beautiful Easter Day. Happy Easter for all you Christians and let us hope that the 2006 election brings hope and peace. Joe

Yo Se Quien Soy said...


Check FEC, nearly everyone in CD8 has filed - except for Latas and Schecter - I like Francine, but doubt that she has raised enogh to even file.

Now Latas - with all his "pro-bono" - (is that legit? - person can only donate up to the limit ($4200 PER ELECTION) on the real value of services...) IS NOT UP yet - everyone else is ... ?? que paso, coronel???

vetdem said...

He was very late last quarter as well. Can't get the paper work in on time. Doesn't sound very organized to me! In kind contributions are allowed but they need to be reported and are subject to the limit. Bet he's not doing that.

Kralmajales said...
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sirocco said...

I just saw in a Daily Star report this morning the Latas campaign has only raised about $18K.

I realize he has received some fairly large amount of "in-kind" contributions, but that figure still has to be hugely disappointing. To make it worse, i would think it would be even harder to get more funding, as potential donors will see it as backing a losing horse.

Self Appointed Opinion Leader said...

The real race is now between a progressive and a pro-business conservative/centrist, who her supporters say has progressive and liberal friends.

Kralmajales said...
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Kralmajales said...
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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

She can only make a fantastic representative if she wins the primary.

So far that seems to be less than feasible.

She is beginning to tap out on her donor list, her numbers are still low, and her ability to get her name out depends on lots of media buys.

She is running a George Cunningham/Elaine Richardson style message that has won at least 33% of the vote in previous races.

I remember when the label that mattered was Gabby's own: "pro-business democrat"

Best to run fast from that.

vetdem said...

I agree with Roger that Latas does have some loyal supporters out there. When the time comes I hope they choose to get behind Giffords. She will serve them well if elected.

anonymous said...

Why would a bunch of Latas progressives want to support Gabby?

Her support for NAFTA, WTO or other free trade nostrums?

Her lack of support for universal healthcare or single payer healthcare?

Her desire to appeal to the few 'pro-business democrats' that aren't Republicans?

vetdem said...

Because she's the most experienced candidate and in my opinion is the best candidate to represent CD-8. I don't think that you're statements accurately reflects her positions.

anonymous said...

It would be nice to know her positions and see her complete voting record.

Working Joe said...

I see the comments are still flowing. I hear my man, Latas, only raised $18,000. I have to get realistic, it doesn't look like he can make a serious run. That is very low, even for a grassroots candidate. Hellon self-funded $40,000 and Weiss $9000. Maybe Latas should do that to help his effort. As a pilot I am sure he makes a decent living and it might jumpstart the financial donations.

Anonymous, you can check Giffords' record at the Arizona legislative site. That was how I found out about her sponsoring the use tax bill. She has some good votes. She also has some I completely disagree with. I just do not believe in putting big money before people. I will continue to keep an open mind about though. I need to talk to her in person again and weigh in whether I think she has a chance at all in the general.

Weiss is looking more promising. Based on talking to my republican friends they see her as the biggest threat in the general. It gives me more incentive to took look harder at her campaign. The republicans are crowning Gabby the Democratic nominee, which should give everyone great pause as to who they think the easiest to beat is. Does this remind you of another recent election? When they start talking about how hard she is to beat or that she is a tough competitior like they do that certain senator out east, then you will know who the have marked for an easy beat.

Working Joe said...

Roger, I am sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are doing okay. I don't know if you have a family but spending time with mine always helps me in times like that.

George Tuttle said...

One name when it comes to fundraising:
Raul Grijalva.

Nearly last in the fundraising in 2002 and still won.

Latas is not out of this...not by a long shot.

vetdem said...

I think Latas is climbing out of a big hole. It will be tough. The odds are against him but I agree that it is not impossible.

George - If and when you think that Latas is no longer viable (I'm not saying that he his) I hope you consider Giffords. She will serve CD-8 well.

Emersome Biggums said...

Some of you are selling out Latas to quickly. Remember, last election didn't even start until the summer.

Latas is going to get a big boast in the near future with PDA now on board, by the way this was the first competitive endorsement in this race. PDA nearly won in IL-06 with the Cegilas/Duckworth race, the difference in this race is that Latas is the “Fighting Dem.”

Don’t forget the Max Cleland is showing up for a couple days in May to help make this campaign $$. I think some of you will be surprised in this campaign.

I still would like to point out how far the Latas campaign as come. Considering he wasn’t known or did he have money, Latas has made the biggest impression in this race. The watchers of this race are taking notice of this phenomenon and are also very impressed. They know just a little $$ and we have the most electable candidate, on either side.