Tuesday, September 12, 2006

CD-8 6:50 am-- I Practice Citizenship

I got up early this morning and practiced citizenship. Threw a leg over my scoot and had a lovely, if short, ride to my polling place. There were seven or eight people in line ahead of me, but the line moved quickly even though the workers had to sort through 2 precincts.

I didn’t see anyone with ID problems; all the voters approached the officials with driver’s licenses dutifully clutched in hand.


Kralmajales said...

I plan to read that ballotbox poem today. Thanks for posting it Art!

I voted early...and I will say...when the day comes for the actual election, I feel disappointed that I did. I always loved walking to my polling place at 6:00 AM to vote. Damnit...I am going to wait in November.

sirocco said...

Does anyone have a link to a site which will be posting election results as they come in?

Kralmajales said...

now THAT is a good question Mr. Sirocco.

We have a lot to look at. First, primaries around Tucson for the spots to run for legislature.

The Mead v. Williams race...

The Republican primaries in some districts were conservatives are looking to off incumbent moderate republicans.

The Republican gov. race between Munsil and Goldwater.

Am I missing one??? Hmmmm....(smile).

Art Jacobson said...


The Pima County Recorders Office seems to be set up for this Take a look here:

Kralmajales said...

Oh...in my district...it is this race!

Downing v. Aboud:

Downing looks to step up to be a Senator after serving as an incumbent in the state house. He recently angered some because he held out on the Rio Nuevo vote before later voting for it. However, he has been around, is a saavy politician, and has served his district. He has the experience and could easily step into a powerful role. He also has been the subject of attack by the Aboud campaign on a marital rape bill and the Rio Nuevo vote.

Aboud is a longtime democratic activist who lost to Dunbar a few years back for City Council. She was appointed to this seat when Giffords stepped down to run for Congress. Most say she has done a good job and responded to constituents well. The question will be lack of experience and name recognition. However, she is known inside the party and has signs all over the place too. A battle Royale!!!

LD 28 House Rep. Race.

For the Democrats we have incumbent David Bradley, Matt Heinz, Ted Prezelski, and Steve Farley.

By all accounts this should have been an easy Bradley/Farley win on name rec. alone. Farley had run for council admirably and then was the poster Democrat for the RTA. He appeared on many TV ads to help pass it. However, this is where things get interesting. Farley did anger some loyal community activists in the Campbell/Grant area with his unabashed support of the RTA plan and the attack ads that came with it. Some are mad enough to vote against him.
If I were betting I would still bet Bradley/Farley, but it is a four way race which could split odd ways and turnout is going to matter. Despite his support of the RTA and his name recognition, he did not achieve the endorsement of the Tucson Citizen. He was endorsed by the Tucson Weekly however.

Bradley, the incumbent, was endorsed by the Citizen and the Weekly. He is liberal, has a background in public health, and has been a champion of education. Like Downing, he has experience in the most hostile of legislatures. His should be an easy win, but for the fact that I have seen less of his campaign along roads...which means nothing if he is working the inside of the party faithful.

What is the surprise here is newcomer, Dr. Matt Heinz who is everywhere. Signs on roads recently updated with tags that say "endorsed by the Tucson Citizen", and a host of signs in yards. Both Farley and Heinz have blanketed neighborhoods like Sam Hughes. However, he is a newcomer, Farley, Bradley, and Prezelski are better known in the party.

If Bradley was sitting back and drawing on incumbency, could Heinz and Farley sneak in?

Finally, Ted Prezelski, who runs the Blog "Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion" and is brother of Rep. Prezelski. He was stiffled from using his site to promote his candidacy because of Clean Elections...and I am not sure he would have done so otherwise...as he runs an excellent blog that he might not taint with his own campaign. By all accounts, I thought he would be everywhere, but I have seen little of his campaign. I do know he has shown up for forums and has walked parts of the district, and has some signs in our neighborhood. He is also clearly smart, is liberal, and is a man about town in the music scene. I am not sure that this will be enough for him. Qualifying for the Clean Elections money would have helped dramatically.

Kralmajales said...


I wonder about how we will get totals from the other counties and other parts of the district? I assume that they will have it at the campaign parties. I will be at Giffords party at the Viscount Suites on Broadway.

I am guessing the Sec. of State site will have statewide races.