Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A telephone call or visit to your victorious opponent is an important part of American political tradition. Its most important, if informal, function is to legitimize the election; to acknowledge that the election process was legitimate and the result fair.

It’s also the way that any wounds of political combat are forgotten and forgiven, opening the path to future political cooperation and participation.

Patty Weiss’s appearance at the Giffords victory celebration was greeted by solid applause and the general feeling that it was a class act-- the first step in continuing a political career.

I know that some folks think I was just being a wise guy when I raised the “Patty For Mayor” banner, but it’s a suggestion that has been made to her by more than one political activist in town and I hope she considers it.


x4mr said...

Yes, Art.

It was fabulous to see Patty there and to see her smiling. Her remarks seemed completely genuine as did the applause and cheering of the crowd.

Particularly touching was the moment when Patty, all smiles, removed her Patty Weiss campaign button, replaced it with a Giffords for Congress button, and pledged that her supporters would now support Gabrielle.

Didn't see him, but have heard that Alex Rodriguez also showed up at the event to wish Giffords well.

What a terrific display of democracy at work.

Kralmajales said...

I was impressed too. Without doubt. I imagine just walking into the room would have been hard and congratulating supporters. A phone call would have been tough as well. But to get up on stage and endorse your opponent in that way was indeed classy.

Her campaign introduced herself to the party base in a rather tough way at times. However, I got the sense that she was ready to jump in, work, and earn support for her next go of it...whatever that may be.

Dogma said...

Bravo for Patty! Very classy...