Monday, September 25, 2006

Politics and The Rogue Theatre

I haven’t had much time to post about the former, because the latter has been rushing toward opening night and I have been spending more time on Keats than on politics.

A discussion of “the abortion issue” morphed out of the discussion thread of my last post and x4mr has taken it up in his new blog, “Sustainability….”. If anyone is interested in continuing to flog this issue, take a look over there. Good stuff.

The Rogue Theatre production of “Endymion” previews this Thursday and opens on Friday. Anyone interested in the full story can click in here.

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Kralmajales said...

Just wanted to say "hi" Art! I am very sorry I missed seeing you at the Giffords victory party. Hope many of us can catch that margarita or beer we spoke of soon.

I hope to see your play as well.