Monday, October 02, 2006

Sex! Politics! Religion!

There you have it; the three topics you are not supposed to discuss in polite society. Well, poop! Why not? If not the three most interesting topics of discussion they are certainly right up there in the top ten.

‘Discuss’ is an interesting word, derived from a Latin root meaning ‘to shake to pieces,’ which is, I suppose, why we are urged to avoid rending the polite fabric of social chit-chat by raising the banned topics.

As denizens of the blogosphere, political junkies of the left and the right, we cheerfully rend what’s left of the social fabric of polite discourse by our partisan rants. We care. We are passionate. We know that civilization and who we are as Americans somehow hangs in the political balance.

I’m not sure this sense of things is shared, or shared with the same intensity and urgency, by the vast majority of our fellow citizens. In particular I wonder how many of our politically sensitive, but non-blogging, friends even know we have web logs.

So let me suggest that one day a week we let our blogs go dormant, leave the virtual world, and make the effort to engage acquaintances, friends, and co-workers in the real world; quietly suggesting some political issue that particularly concerns us, explaining why we think it’s important, and asking them to give it some thought, too.


sirocco said...

What??!! Leave my nice, warm cacoon and interact with people face-to-face?

Noooooo! Make the man stop scaring me, mom!

Michael said...

That's exactly why I love Tucson chapter meets every Thursday at 6pm at the Shanty. Get unvirtual!

x4mr said...

Always a pleasure to read your remarks, Art. Now that I've started a blog, your words about the "cruel mistress" are well taken.

For myself, the jury on whether this is healthy self-expression or something that will spiral into a pathological obsession remains out.

God help me if I figure out a way to make money doing this.