Monday, October 30, 2006

Toward a Progressive Agenda

Nine days to go. When the hurly-burly’s done, and when the (political) battle’s lost or won, what will the lefty Blogosphere look like? The Left’s political attention has been focussed on the current campaigns, on defense of our candidates and the exposure of our opponents’ sins and failings.

This focus has, for the most part, papered over some apparently serious differences within the Democratic Party. I’m inclined to say “apparently serious” because I’m not really sure that the differences are as significant as some take them to be.

The most obvious and extreme political difference is the one between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. That difference is so important that it makes any differences within the Democratic Party insignificant.

Rest easy, I’m not suggesting we launch into lengthy discussion of political theory now, but after the election when our post-election-party hangovers have mellowed away, I think we should be discussing how to form the plans, programs and attitudes of the Left for the greatest political impact.

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